Chainmail & Leather Dice Bags

Here at Awesome Dice we spend a lot of time trying to find not just the coolest dice to sell, but also the coolest dice bags — and in our humble opinion we have one of the best dice bag selections out there. But there have been two obvious things missing from the beginning: chainmail dice bags, and good old fashioned leather dice bags.

Happily, we have recently found solutions to our problems with both of these types of dice bags and we’re happy to announce we have both stainless steel chainmail dice bags for sale as well as a big selection of leather dice bags. We’re very happy to have these holes in our dice bag selection filled.

Chainmail Dice Bags

Chainmail dice bags have long been a favorite of D&D gamers: there’s nothing like carrying your dice in a bag that could actually withstand a slashing attack. Finding a reliable supplier of quality chainmail dice bags has been a heck of a problem though. And when we did find them, they were often cheap things made out of aluminum, and not steel.

Chainmail Dice Bag

If you’re going to get a chainmail dice bag, you want a stainless steel one. If you don’t care what it’s made of, well, then you probably don’t care that it’s chainmail in the first place. Happily we eventually found a good supplier that makes the chainmail dice bags themselves, and they are very high quality construction. We’re thrilled with them.

Leather Dice Bags

Leather dice bagsThe problem with leather dice bags wasn’t so much finding a supplier (well — some places did try to pass faux leather off as real, but they were the exception and that was usually Chinese import places), but rather finding a supplier that could get us quantities at decent prices. You would be shocked at how many places want to sell leather dice bags for forty to fifty bucks a bag.

In a bit of serendipity, we finally found a great leather shop (based in the US too) with good quality and great prices at right about the same time we found the chainmail bags. We were so pleased with the quality that we actually brought in a dozen different leather dice bags. This includes a bunch of different colors of foil stampings — they have a cool dragon design that is hot stamped into the leather. We also got red and purple suede dice bags — also real leather — that look just phenomenal.

As always, if you guys think there is anything that Awesome Dice is missing from the site, please let us know. We’ll do our best to get it, or at the very least let you know why we don’t carry it. And we are always working to expand our selection.

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  1. I just happen to know a lot of larpers and re-enactors who happily and sit and make chain mail things as busy work during quiet times. We like to call it ‘man-knitting’. I think I might give one of them a nudge and ask if they can whip one up for me…

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