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You can contact us via email at: dice@awesomedice.com

Twitter: @awesomedice

Yes we are on Twitter, and we tweet from time to time. Mostly for notices about what’s going on in the store, but occasionally about general gaming related stuff as well.


Facebook: Awesome Dice

Come over and Like Awesome Dice on Facebook and… you know… do whatever the heck it is people do at Facebook. Except we never went to high school with you, nor are we in a relationship so there’s no point in hanging out and waiting for our status to change to Complicated so you can make your move. But please stalk us there anyway.

Google+ Awesome Dice Page

Yes, Awesome Dice is on the very cutting edge of social media with our Google+ page. Come +1 our profile and put Awesome Dice in one of your circles. If you aren’t using Google+ yet, there is no reason that you need to (and, you know, there’s no reason you need to be on any social media network). But if you’re interested, Google+ is like all the good things of Twitter and Facebook combined without the junk that sucks about them. It’s a pretty good idea, and we’re curious to see if it catches on and goes mainstream.


Awesome Dice is an online dice store selling all of the coolest gaming dice that are made. We sell only dice and dice accessories, and we try to make it the best online dice store possible.

Awesome Dice blog is where we talk about dice, the odd rituals that we gamers have around our dice, new product additions to the Awesome Dice store, and just talk about gaming in general. Basically you can expect the blog to discuss the kinds of things that gamers so into dice that they start a dice store to talk about.

We here at Awesome Dice are avid gamers. Sure, we like board games — who doesn’t — but we love tabletop RPGs, and we play a lot of them. Some of the games that we play include: D&D, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Earthdawn, Eclipse Phase, World of Darkness (original, not the reboot), Little Fears, Aberrant, Champions, Shadowrun, Obsidian, L5R, Cthulhu Tech, Deadlands, Continuum, Serenity, Star Wars (WEG version) and we’re probably forgetting more than we’re remembering.

We hope you take a look around, and make yourself at home.  And if you ever need some dice, we hope you’ll think of us.


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