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Black Leather Dice Bag
Black leather dice bag made of genuine leather, capable of holding up to 50 dice.
Call of Cthulhu Glow in the Dark Dice
Glow in the dark Call of Cthulhu 7-dice set.
Metal Steampunk 7-Dice Set
Metal 7-dice set with a steampunk design.
$49.50 Out Of Stock
Pound 'o Dice
The Pound o' Dice is exactly what it sounds like: a 1lb bag of gaming dice that you can buy for a low price. Around 100 dice in each bag.
2d6 Pirate Dice Set
White 6-sided dice with a pirate map & flag design.
50mm d6
Extra big, giant 50mm red and black d6 with gold pips for numbering.
$16.95 Out Of Stock
Blue Dragonscale Dice Bag - Small
Small blue dragonscale dice bag capable of holding a couple sets of dice, awesomely.
Dragon's Eye Dice Box
Dragon's Eye Dice Box | Awesome Dice
Glow in the Dark Elven Dice
Set of 7 glow in the dark D&D dice with elven design.
$25.95 Out Of Stock
Green Dragonscale Dice Bag - Small
Small green dragonscale dice bag capable of holding a couple sets of dice.
Loaded D&D Character Builder Dice
Loaded dice weighted to roll 18 when rolling up D&D characters
$12.99 Out Of Stock
Metal 1-Sided Dice
Stainless steel metal 1-sided dice -- a möbius strip die with only one side!
Metal d3
This large metal d3 is an elegant 3-sided dice design.
Metal Dwarven Runic 7-Dice Set
7-dice set of metal Dwarven Dice with dwarven rune numbering.
Metal Thorn Dice Set
Awesome Thorn Dice set made from a mixture of solid metal and awesome.
$99.00 Out Of Stock

Dice Gifts

We gamers all love our dice, which makes dice and dice bags the perfect gamer gifts. Here we have collected some of the coolest dice and dice bags that make for perfect gamer gifts and stocking stuffers. From truly unique gift possibilities like the dragonscale dice bags to cute stocking stuffers sure to please like the mini plated dice, we think you'll find something for any gamer on your gift list.

That said, if the gift you're looking for is just some awesome-looking dice, then every page of this site will have some awesome gift possibilities for you.