Most Popular Dice in 2013

Another year is behind us, and that means it’s time once again to take a look at the most popular dice and dice trends of 2013! With the tens of thousands of dice we sell each year, we’re in a unique position to note what dice, types of dice, and colors of dice gamers want — and we love sharing data.

This data is all based on sales on Awesome Dice, and we’re counting number of purchases for each dice type. This data set is looking at all of 2013 sales.

Dice Sales by Gender

Dice orders by genderWe’re able to determine the gender of dice purchasers by looking at the first name of the person buying the dice (actually the first name of the person they’re being shipped to), and classifying them as male or female names. Names associated with either gender (like “Pat), or that we can’t classify (like “DragonBlight”) make up the 3% unknown.

We have no idea how accurate an indicator dice sales are for overall tabletop gaming demographics, but a 67%/30% split doesn’t seem terribly unreasonable. Keep in mind that this is looking at all dice sales (and dice bags).

Another interesting way to look at it is to break it out by type of dice set — since different sets represent different groups of games and types of tabletop gaming.

Here’s a look at 7-dice sets and 12d6 dice sets. These are the two groups for which we have very strong statistical samples.

7-dice set orders by gender 12d6 dice set orders by gender

Why do 12d6 dice sets swing so much more heavily female than 7-dice sets? Is it because of the wargamers? That doesn’t seem very likely (36d6 sets come out more like the 30/67 overall average). Is it games like GURPS drawing a larger female audience? Or is it that 12d6 dice sets are the “normal” dice and are purchased by a bunch of non-gamers as replacement dice for Monopoly?

Most Popular Dice Set Types

Most Popular Dice Set Types

As always, the 7-dice set of D&D remains the most popular type of dice set by far, which is no surprise. 12d6 dice sets continue to be pretty popular as well, among wargamers and Shadowrun players.

Compared to the 2012 data, the difference between 7-dice sets and everything else has actually grown. 10d10 dice sets used in World of Darkness or L5R remain a fairly small fraction of all dice sales.

Most Popular Dice Colors

Most popular dice colors

This year we thought it would be interesting to look at the most popular dice colors by gender. We can see that in the world of gamers and their dice, gender doesn’t make a huge difference in which colors are most popular.

Blue remains the top color, and is most popular by a larger margin in women than men. Both genders like red a bit less, and men have green in the #3 position, while with women it’s black.

The Most Popular Dice

Okay, enough of aggregate data. Let’s take a look at exactly which dice were the most popular in 2013. For the purposes of compiling this list, we’re excluding the basic opaque sets (otherwise opaque 12d6 sets of various colors would be half the list — they’re a cheap way to get lots of 6-siders preferred by wargamers).

Pound o Dice

#1: Pound o’ Dice

The single most popular set of dice is actually the Pound o’ Dice — and it’s in first place by a pretty large margin as well. The Pound o’ Dice is a giant bag containing a random assortment of around 100 dice. These dice include a lot of factory seconds, but are also mixed in with high-quality dice from various Chessex dice sets.

The Pound o’ Dice topped last year’s list as well, and we imagine it’s going to continue topping lists in coming years. It’s just hard for any gamer to resist this quantity of dice (even if you know a chunk of them are going to be ugly — the ugly ones are what you make your friends use when they forget their dice!)

Mini gold dice set

#2: Mini Metal Dice 7-Sets

The second position on the most popular dice list are the tiny 5mm Mini Metal Dice. These dice sets come in both gold and silver colors and both options made it onto the top 10 list, but we’re combining them into one (if you’re interested, gold sold one more set than silver).

These dice are small enough that you can actually just about fit the entire set on the surface of a penny.

Gemini Black-Shell 7-dice set

#3: Gemini Black Shell 7-Dice Set

A nice change from the typical bold and strong colors, the Gemini Black-Shell 7-set swiftly became a favorite a gamers. We started carrying this set halfway through last year, where it snuck onto the bottom of the 2012 top 10 list, and now with a full year of availability it jumped up to #3!

Gemini Blue-Steel 7-set

#4: Gemini Blue Steel 7-Dice Set

The Gemini Blue Steel dice are ones that we’ve carried since opening Awesome Dice, but recently they have surged in popularity.

Scarab Royal Blue dice set

#5: Scarab Royal Blue 7-Set

Here at Awesome Dice we’re big fans of the entire Scarab collection of dice, and Scarab Royal Blue brings in the top spot as the 5th most popular dice set.

It’s probably not surprising that once we hurdled the Pound o’ Dice and mini dice, the next 3 most popular sets were all blue dice. The favorite color statistics don’t lie — both male and female gamers love their blue dice!

Elven Glow in the Dark 7-Dice Set

#6: Elven Glow in the Dark 7-Dice Set

These dice are ridiculously popular. The Elven Glow in the Dark Dice are also historically very difficult for us to keep in stock, due to a combination of manufacturer outages and the fact that they have to be imported from Poland.

The truly impressive thing about these very awesome glow in the dark dice is that they’ve only been in stock about half the year, and still managed to make the top 10 list!

Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set

#7: Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set

The Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set is a personal favorite and the first standard dice set to break out of the blue mold. The entire Scarab series of dice by Chessex do very well indeed, and with good reason. These are some good-looking dice!

Gemini Black Purple 7-dice set

#8: Gemini Purple-Black 7-Set

Given the popularity of the Gemini Purple-Black Dice Set, we were surprised to see that purple was so low in the most popular colors. It appears that if a gamer has a hankering for purple dice, then this is the purple dice set of choice.

Gemini Green-Black 7-Dice Set

#9: Gemini Green-Black 7-Dice Set

The second green dice set to appear on the top 10, the Gemini Green-Black 7-Dice Set offers a slightly more distinct separation of colors than the Scarab Jade above does.

Despite red dice being the 2nd most popular color for both men and women, green sets managed to claim two of the top 10 spots, while red got none!

Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set

#10: Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set

Rounding out our top 10 list we get back to blue, with the very cool Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set. These dice are clear dice with an inky blue drifting through them.

Most Popular Dice Bags

As gamers we all love our dice, and we all need something to carry them around in. But just like dice, we gamers want something cool to carry our dice in. So in addition to highlighting the top 10 dice, this year we’re also going to take a look at the top 5 most popular dice bags.

Basic Blue Dice Bag

#1: Basic Dice Bags

When you’re talking pure quantity of dice bags purchased, the Basic Dice Bags made of cheap fake velvet are the clear winners. Within this category the color preference goes Black (by a wide margin), blue, green, burgundy, and gold.

However, since these basic dice bags are kind of boring, we decided to clump them all into the number one spot to make room for some other more exciting leaders in the dice bag category.

Black Leather Dice Bag

#2: Black Leather Dice Bag

Our selection of leather dice bags have been very popular, and the Black Leather Dice Bag leads the pack complete with that rich new leather smell.

This dice bag is so popular that it actually outsells some of the basic ones, including the red and green — beaten only by the black and blue basic dice bags.

Black Dragonscale Dice Bag

#3: Large Black Dragonscale Dice Bag

Certainly one of the coolest looking dice bags in the world, the Black Dragonscale Dice Bag is handmade with anodized aluminum scales woven into the bag itself, and a thick yarn interior to prevent dice from getting scratched on the scales.

Like the Glow in the Dark Elven dice, the truly impressive thing about the black dragonscale dice bag is that it made it onto the top 5 list even though it’s out of stock at least as often as it’s in stock.

Blood Spatter Dice Bag

#4 Blood Spatter Dice Bag

The FFG Blood Spatter Dice Bag remains a steady favorite of gamers who like their slaughter visceral and bloody. This is essentially a substantially larger basic dice bag with a cool blood spatter design printed on the front.

Cthulhu Elder Sign Leather Dice Bag

#5: Cthulhu Elder Sign Leather Dice Bag

Rounding out our top 5 list is the Cthulhu Elder Sign Leather Dice Bag, the dice bag of choice for Call of Cthulhu enthusiasts. This is a high-quality black leather dice bag with an elder sign hot foil stamped onto one side.

Our only dice bag with an elder sign on it, it’s the only one that will protect your dice from being cursed by a Great Old One.

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  2. Dice Bags should have at least given honorable mention to the old stand-by and first dice bag of every beginner, the Crown Royal bag.

  3. Wrong. The #1 dice bag is the Crown Royal bag. (And it comes in many different sizes; I bought all the varieties from ebay.)

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