Most Popular Dice of 2015

Here at Awesome Dice headquarters we’re full swing into 2016 plans, and part of that includes taking a look at what the post popular dice of the last year were. With the tens of thousands of dice we sell each year, we’re in a unique position to note what dice, types of dice, and colors of dice gamers want — and we love sharing data.

This data is all based on sales on Awesome Dice, and we’re counting number of purchases for each dice type. This data set is looking at all of 2015 sales.

Dice Sales by Gender

Dice Orders By GenderWe’re able to determine the gender of dice purchasers by looking at the first name of the person the dice are being shipped to, and classifying them as male or female names. Names associated with either gender (like “Pat”), or that we can’t classify (like “DragonBlight”) make up the unknown.

This data is specifically looking at number of purchases: so if Cheryl orders 10 dice sets and Bob orders 1 dice bag: that counts as 1 female and 1 male purchase.

We have no idea how accurate an indicator dice sales are for overall tabletop gaming demographics, but a 73%/25% split doesn’t seem terribly unreasonable.

Most Popular Dice Types

Most Popular Dice Types

The ubiquitous 7-dice set used in Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder remains by a massive margin the most popular way to purchase dice. Single dice are nearly tied with dice bags as the second most common purchase (though single dice have an advantage in our reporting: a purchase of a 7-dice set counts as 1, while a purchase of seven single dice counts as 7).

Other dice sets actually fell in comparison to the 7-dice set from what we’ve seen in previous years, with 10d10 sets making their poorest showing to date. Digging deeper into the numbers, it appears that the number of 36d6 and 12d6 sets that gamers are buying isn’t actually decreasing; but instead the number of 7-dice sets is surging upward significantly. Propelled by 5e perhaps, or just a general trend?

Most Popular Dice Colors

Most Popular Dice Colors

The most popular dice colors haven’t changed substantially over the years. Blue remains the most popular, followed by red, green, black, purple, and gold. Shifts in 2015 included pink moving up from last place to just below gold, switching places with white dice. Also all the unpopular colors classified into “other” have decreased significantly compared to the most popular colors.

For this data we classify dice by their dominant color: in the case of dice that are black and another color, we credit them to the other color (for example: Gemini Red-Black dice are classified as red dice).

The Most Popular Dice

Okay, enough of aggregate data. Let’s take a look at exactly which dice were the most popular in 2015!

Pound o Dice

#1: Pound o’ Dice

Taking first place yet again this year is the Pound o’ Dice — with nearly twice as many sold as the next most popular dice product. The Pound o’ Dice is a giant bag containing a random assortment of around 100 dice. These dice include a lot of factory seconds, but are also mixed in with high-quality dice from various Chessex dice sets.

It it apparently just too hard for any gamer to resist this quantity of dice (even if you know a chunk of them are going to be ugly — the ugly ones are what you make your friends use when they forget their dice!)

Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set

#2: Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set

Blue is the most popular dice color, and the most popular of the blue dice are the Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set. These are clear dice with inky blue colors drifting through them.

Fun fact about Nebula Blue dice sets: every now and then you get a die that is entirely clear, or darned close to it. Because this would suck to get, Awesome Dice Receiving actually opens every Nebula Blue 7-dice set and replaces any clear dice with an appropriately inky one. As a result we now have a sizable box of clear and nearly clear dice that we’re debating what to do with.

Scarab Royal Blue dice set

#3: Scarab Royal Blue 7-Set

Here at Awesome Dice we’re big fans of the entire Scarab collection of dice, and Scarab Royal Blue brings follows the blue trend for the #3 most popular dice of 2015.

When viewed closely, these dice are actually a mixture of blue and purple, but from a distance appear just a swirly blue.

Gemini Blue-Steel 7-set

#4: Gemini Blue Steel 7-Dice Set

The Gemini Blue Steel dice are another blue dice set making the top 10 list. These dice are particularly unique in that all set types sell extremely well: 12d6, 36d6 and even 10d10 sets outperform other colors of the same set type (which isn’t always true of the top 10 dice set winners).

Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set

#5: Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set

The Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set is a personal favorite and the first standard dice set to break out of the blue mold. Nice to see a different color in the top 10 list.

Elven Translucent Blue 7-Dice Set

#6: Elven Translucent Blue 7-Dice Set

The Elven style dice sporting runic designs are all very popular, and so it’s not surprise that the Elven Translucent Blue set makes the top 10 list — of course with blue being the most popular color of these dice.

Mini Gold 5mm 7-Dice Set

#7: Mini Gold 7-Dice Set

The tiny Mini Gold 7-Dice Set are just 5mm in size. While being just under a third the size of normal dice may not sound like much: you can fit this entire dice set on the head of a penny.

A perfect little treasure, these are probably the easiest dice to carry to a game. Heck, you could even put them in your wallet and never be caught unprepared.

Gemini Red-Black 7-dice set

#8: Gemini Red-Black 7-Set

Red may be the second most popular dice color, but it took us until #8 on the top ten list to get to a red dice set.The Gemini Red-Black 7-Set is also a personal favorite. These great-looking mix black and red together to create a darker, fiercer-looking dice set.

Gemini Black Purple 7-dice set

#9: Gemini Purple-Black 7-Set

Given the popularity of the Gemini Purple-Black Dice Set, we were surprised to see that purple was so low in the most popular colors. It appears that if a gamer has a hankering for purple dice, then this is the purple dice set of choice.

Forest 7-Dice Set

#10: Forest Dice

The Q-Workshop Forest Dice set is particularly attractive, absolutely covered in leaf and vine designs. Personally I prefer the green version, but these are undeniably cool-looking dice that will stand out at the gaming table.

Most Popular Dice Bags

As gamers we all love our dice, and we all need something to carry them around in. But just like dice, we gamers want something cool to carry our dice in. So in addition to highlighting the top 10 dice, this year we’re also going to take a look at the top 5 most popular dice bags.

Basic Black Dice Bag

#1: Basic Black Dice Bag

When you’re talking pure quantity of dice bags purchased, the Basic Black Dice Bag was the clear winner by a large margin. Made of cheap imitation velvet, these dice bags are an affordable way to carry your dice from home to the game.

Black Leather Dice Bag

#2: Black Leather Dice Bag

Our selection of leather dice bags actually outsold the basic dice bags as a category last year, and the Black Leather Dice Bag leads the pack complete with that rich new leather smell.

The leather dice bags are probably popular just because they’re so much cooler than the basic. But they also hold more dice, and are far more rugged, likely to outlast several generations of basic bags.

Elven Dice Bag

#3: Elven Dice Bag

This small off-white dice bag with Elvish runes surged onto the dice bag top five this year. Despite only holding a couple sets of dice, there is something very appealing about the Elven Dice Bag from Q-Workshop.

Red Celtic Dragon Leather Dice Bag

#4 Red Celtic Dragon Leather Dice Bag

We carry leather dice bags with a variety of foil-stamped designs, but the Red Celtic Dragon Leather Dice Bag takes home top prize for popularity. It’s the perfect combination of leather, dragons, runes, and the color of blood.

Skull & Crossbones Leather Dice Bag

#5: Skull & Crossbones Leather Dice Bag

Rounding out our top 5 list is the Skull & Crossbones Leather Dice Bag. With the classic skull & crossbones branded into the leather, this dice bag was a hit from the day we first got it in stock.

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