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We spend a lot of time at Awesome Dice trying to track down the coolest dice and dice accessories. Sometimes we spend way too much time on dead ends, where we find something cool but are unable to stock it (usually because they’re one offs, occasionally because the creators won’t sell through anyone else). But other times we end up with cool new products to offer on the site.

One of the success stories is our growing line of dice boxes, which we’ve just managed to expand significantly.

Dice boxes are a great way to store your dice between games, where they can sit out on shelves and end tables and add to your decor, rather than having the dice stashed away out of site in a drawer. Here are the latest additions:

Bastet Egyptian Dice Box

Bastet Egyptian Dice Box

This elegant Egyptian-themed dice box features a large sculpture of the goddess Bastes seated atop a box with Egyptian imagery. Done in black and gold, this is a very attractive dice box capable of holding several sets of dice.

Steampunk Dice Box

Steampunk Dice Containment Vessel

A great way for any steampunk fan to store their entire dice collection. This steampunk dice box can hold a very large number of dice within the removable skull cap, and the tubes and gears give it a great steampunk feel.

Scarab Egyptian Dice Box

Scarab Egyptian Dice Box

This Egyptian treasure box has a removable lid and can hold several sets of dice. But there is also a secret drawer compartment that can hold another couple sets of dice. A great place to store a lucky dice set (or to banish a cursed dice set until its bad luck runs out).

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  1. Love the Bastet dice box, it’s so nice. I would love something like that but i think i would move it from room to room with me haha. – Oli

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