New Gemstone Dice Sets

Here at Awesome Dice HQ we’re still recovering from the holidays — when we were sadly out of stock of all of our Gemstone Dice for the entire holiday period. Happily, we just got three new gemstone dice sets in stock (as well as the Tiger’s Eye back in stock). These are:

Bloodstone Dice SetBloodstone Dice

These dice are made from natural dark green Bloodstone and inked in gold.

Bloodstone is normally a dark green stone that can include red spots of hematite, as well as rust-orange colors or even white veining. These are very attractive stones with a rich history of magical properties. Bloostone is perfect for just about every character, from a bloodthirsty mercenary to a mystic sorcerer.

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Adventurine Stone Dice SetAdventurine Dice

What better stone for a Dungeons & Dragons adventurer than Adventurine?

This is a light green, semi-translucent stone. Adventurine is a version of quartz, which gives it its translucent properties. Adventurine can sometimes include lighter green sections and even slight veining. Our adventurine dice sets are inked in gold.

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Opalite Dice SetOpalite Dice

Opalite is a synthetic glass material that brings the shimmering colors of opal into a flawlessly transparent material. At first glance these dice appear to be a slightly blue-tinted clear stone, but the edges shimmer in different colors as you view it from different angles.

These are lovely and classy looking dice.

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