Chessex Lab Dice

Chessex has announced it will soon release its first in a series of what it is calling its Lab Dice. The Lab Dice will be a set of limited-run 7-Die Sets that the company will use to test new product lines. Popular sets may become permanent while sets that aren’t purchased as readily may never be seen from again. This presents a couple of opportunities for the collector:

  1. A Lab Dice release may be your only great opportunity to purchase to purchase a particular set of dice.
  2. All Lab Dice are to be released in a blue-capped crystal marked “Lab Dice.” Even if a set becomes permanent, the Lab Dice label and blue cap crystal will be replaced with Chessex’s standard black-capped crystal and branding.


Lab Dice branding and Chessex’s blue cap crystal container.


According to Chessex, the Festive Flare, Festive Dahlia, and Nebula Nocturnal will feature the same glow in the dark effect found in Chessex’s Luminary Sky series. Festive Autumn and Festive Allusion will be black light reactive.

Without further ado, let’s check out the upcoming July 2019 Lab Dice releases:

Festive Allusion Lab Dice
Festive Allusion


Festive Autumn Lab Dice
Festive Autumn


Festive Dahlia Lab Dice
Festive Dahlia


Festive Flare Lab Dice
Festive Flare


Lustrous Pink Lab Dice
Lustrous Pink


Nebula Nocturnal Lab Dice
Nebula Nocturnal Glow in the Dark Dice


You can now pre-order both the Festive Autumn and Nebula Nocturnal at Awesome Dice. We may carry others once they are released but are still evaluating that decision.