Dice Bags

Multi-Purpose Geekery

A daybed, complete with an extra little trundle bed.

I’m a big fan of multi-purpose possessions whenever possible.

For example rather than buying a special-purpose meat tenderizer, I just grab a big heavy candle out of the Cthulhu prop box (and cover it with plastic of course). I hate guest rooms, because they sit empty most of the year, but you can’t do anything in them because there’s a bed taking up most of the room. But replace the bed with a daybed and now you have tons of space and a sitting area that can be easily converted into a bedroom on the few times a year that you need it for that purpose.

In fact, I think guest rooms in general make pretty decent gaming rooms — though of course not as nice as the dedicated basement gaming room. But that’s a topic for another post.

Dice, on the other hand, are inherently single purpose possessions. To be sure, you could use a d20 to make your day to day decisions: when to go to bed, what to have for dinner, whether to switch to a different die. But really the only purpose is playing RPGs, and I’m okay with that. They get a lot of use.

Dice Containers

But dice containers are a horse of a different color. I toss my dice in a dice bag to go to a game because it’s the most convenient way to transport them (and because they look cool). The problem is what to do with the rest of the dice, the mass of dice that every gamer accumulates as inevitably as years.

That’s why I’m so happy that we got our hands on a bunch of really cool dice boxes that we can now offer at Awesome Dice. The beauty of these boxes is that they look great sitting on the shelf, on a side table, a desk, or on the end table beside your daybed. They are a piece of decor in their own right, as well as a great way to store all those extra dice — particularly nice for dedicated gaming rooms or convertible gaming/guest rooms.

Already the most popular right out of the gate is the dragon’s eye dice box:

dragon eye dice box

My personal favorite (and my wife’s favorite) is the hefty (and costly) pewter dice box, complete with lock and key and capable of holding a lot of dice:

pewter dice box

Head over and check ’em all out, and consider adding some awesome dice boxes to your decor.

New Celtic Dragon Dice Bags

Silver Celtic Dragon Knot Leather Dice BagWe’re excited to announce new leather dice bags on the site today. These Celtic dragon leather dice bags feature an awesome Celtic dragon knot design by Samantha Keener (DeathShiva on Deviant Art). In our humble opinion, this new design is a billionty times cooler than our other dragon dice bag design.

Like all of our leather dice bags, these new Celtic dragon knot dice bags are made from genuine leather and are made in the US. They include a leather cord to close them, and the design is hot foil stamped into the leather. These dice bags can hold up to 50 dice.

We’ve got the Celtic dragon design available in three colors:

Red Celtic Dragon Knot Leather Dice Bag

Dragonscale Dice Bags Back In Stock

Good news everybody — the dragonscale dice bags are back in stock! We blew out of all of them in what was apparently an orgy of pre-GenCon preparation. And I have to say I understand the desire to have the coolest gaming gear at the con, and they are after all the coolest dice bags in the world.

Since then we’ve been getting a ton of emails asking when the bags would be back in stock, so I thought I’d let everyone know. The dragonscale dice bags are made by hand, which is why it takes so long to get them back in stock, though we’re trying to get our hands on more so we don’t have to be out of stock for nearly a month next time.

It’s also worth noting that in addition to the current selections we also have small black dragonscale dice bags coming in within a few days. If you haven’t seen ’em yet, check them out:

Coolest Dice Bags in the WORLD

We spend a lot of time here at Awesome Dice searching for the coolest dice we can get our hands on (we also spend too much time rolling dice). Along with that we also try to find the coolest dice bags to carryall those sweet dice — and on the dice bag front we’re pretty sure we found the coolest dice bags in the entire world. Seriously, these things are amazing.

Dragonscale Dice Bags

Here’s a look at the black dragonscale dice bag:

Black dragonscale dice bag

That is badass — right? These dragonscale dice bags are hand made, hand knitted in fact. The scales are annodized aluminum, shaped and bent into scale shape, and each scale is hand knit into the bag as the bag is made. The end result is a pretty phenomenal looking dice bag. The interior of the bag is solid soft yarn, so that the scales will not harm or scratch your dice in any way, and the large ones (shown) include a plastic circle in the base that holds the attractive shape in the base and a leather drawstring to seal your dice up tight.

Of course the downside of ridiculously awesome handmade dragonscale dice bags is that they are, in fact, really expensive. We do have smaller versions of these for half the price that are sized to hold just one or two sets of dice. They’re still pretty cool, but not quite as truly epic as the large dragonscale bags.

Check them out!

Dragonscale Dice Bags

Balthazar on Dice Bags

Balthazar returns to Awesome Dice with another informational video, this time on the subject of dice bags. We gave Balthazar a handful of different dice bags to give us his rundown and opinion, and as always Balthazar did not disappoint.

In fact, Balthazar went a step further and gave some advice on what kind of gamer would prefer to use each kind of dice bag. Check it out: