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New Gemstone Dice Sets

Here at Awesome Dice HQ we’re still recovering from the holidays — when we were sadly out of stock of all of our Gemstone Dice for the entire holiday period. Happily, we just got three new gemstone dice sets in stock (as well as the Tiger’s Eye back in stock). These are:

Bloodstone Dice SetBloodstone Dice

These dice are made from natural dark green Bloodstone and inked in gold.

Bloodstone is normally a dark green stone that can include red spots of hematite, as well as rust-orange colors or even white veining. These are very attractive stones with a rich history of magical properties. Bloostone is perfect for just about every character, from a bloodthirsty mercenary to a mystic sorcerer.

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Adventurine Stone Dice SetAdventurine Dice

What better stone for a Dungeons & Dragons adventurer than Adventurine?

This is a light green, semi-translucent stone. Adventurine is a version of quartz, which gives it its translucent properties. Adventurine can sometimes include lighter green sections and even slight veining. Our adventurine dice sets are inked in gold.

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Opalite Dice SetOpalite Dice

Opalite is a synthetic glass material that brings the shimmering colors of opal into a flawlessly transparent material. At first glance these dice appear to be a slightly blue-tinted clear stone, but the edges shimmer in different colors as you view it from different angles.

These are lovely and classy looking dice.

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New Dice Boxes

We spend a lot of time at Awesome Dice trying to track down the coolest dice and dice accessories. Sometimes we spend way too much time on dead ends, where we find something cool but are unable to stock it (usually because they’re one offs, occasionally because the creators won’t sell through anyone else). But other times we end up with cool new products to offer on the site.

One of the success stories is our growing line of dice boxes, which we’ve just managed to expand significantly.

Dice boxes are a great way to store your dice between games, where they can sit out on shelves and end tables and add to your decor, rather than having the dice stashed away out of site in a drawer. Here are the latest additions:

Bastet Egyptian Dice Box

Bastet Egyptian Dice Box

This elegant Egyptian-themed dice box features a large sculpture of the goddess Bastes seated atop a box with Egyptian imagery. Done in black and gold, this is a very attractive dice box capable of holding several sets of dice.

Steampunk Dice Box

Steampunk Dice Containment Vessel

A great way for any steampunk fan to store their entire dice collection. This steampunk dice box can hold a very large number of dice within the removable skull cap, and the tubes and gears give it a great steampunk feel.

Scarab Egyptian Dice Box

Scarab Egyptian Dice Box

This Egyptian treasure box has a removable lid and can hold several sets of dice. But there is also a secret drawer compartment that can hold another couple sets of dice. A great place to store a lucky dice set (or to banish a cursed dice set until its bad luck runs out).

Most Popular Dice of 2015

Here at Awesome Dice headquarters we’re full swing into 2016 plans, and part of that includes taking a look at what the post popular dice of the last year were. With the tens of thousands of dice we sell each year, we’re in a unique position to note what dice, types of dice, and colors of dice gamers want — and we love sharing data.

This data is all based on sales on Awesome Dice, and we’re counting number of purchases for each dice type. This data set is looking at all of 2015 sales.

Dice Sales by Gender

Dice Orders By GenderWe’re able to determine the gender of dice purchasers by looking at the first name of the person the dice are being shipped to, and classifying them as male or female names. Names associated with either gender (like “Pat”), or that we can’t classify (like “DragonBlight”) make up the unknown.

This data is specifically looking at number of purchases: so if Cheryl orders 10 dice sets and Bob orders 1 dice bag: that counts as 1 female and 1 male purchase.

We have no idea how accurate an indicator dice sales are for overall tabletop gaming demographics, but a 73%/25% split doesn’t seem terribly unreasonable.

Most Popular Dice Types

Most Popular Dice Types

The ubiquitous 7-dice set used in Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder remains by a massive margin the most popular way to purchase dice. Single dice are nearly tied with dice bags as the second most common purchase (though single dice have an advantage in our reporting: a purchase of a 7-dice set counts as 1, while a purchase of seven single dice counts as 7).

Other dice sets actually fell in comparison to the 7-dice set from what we’ve seen in previous years, with 10d10 sets making their poorest showing to date. Digging deeper into the numbers, it appears that the number of 36d6 and 12d6 sets that gamers are buying isn’t actually decreasing; but instead the number of 7-dice sets is surging upward significantly. Propelled by 5e perhaps, or just a general trend?

Most Popular Dice Colors

Most Popular Dice Colors

The most popular dice colors haven’t changed substantially over the years. Blue remains the most popular, followed by red, green, black, purple, and gold. Shifts in 2015 included pink moving up from last place to just below gold, switching places with white dice. Also all the unpopular colors classified into “other” have decreased significantly compared to the most popular colors.

For this data we classify dice by their dominant color: in the case of dice that are black and another color, we credit them to the other color (for example: Gemini Red-Black dice are classified as red dice).

The Most Popular Dice

Okay, enough of aggregate data. Let’s take a look at exactly which dice were the most popular in 2015!

Pound o Dice

#1: Pound o’ Dice

Taking first place yet again this year is the Pound o’ Dice — with nearly twice as many sold as the next most popular dice product. The Pound o’ Dice is a giant bag containing a random assortment of around 100 dice. These dice include a lot of factory seconds, but are also mixed in with high-quality dice from various Chessex dice sets.

It it apparently just too hard for any gamer to resist this quantity of dice (even if you know a chunk of them are going to be ugly — the ugly ones are what you make your friends use when they forget their dice!)

Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set

#2: Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set

Blue is the most popular dice color, and the most popular of the blue dice are the Nebula Blue 7-Dice Set. These are clear dice with inky blue colors drifting through them.

Fun fact about Nebula Blue dice sets: every now and then you get a die that is entirely clear, or darned close to it. Because this would suck to get, Awesome Dice Receiving actually opens every Nebula Blue 7-dice set and replaces any clear dice with an appropriately inky one. As a result we now have a sizable box of clear and nearly clear dice that we’re debating what to do with.

Scarab Royal Blue dice set

#3: Scarab Royal Blue 7-Set

Here at Awesome Dice we’re big fans of the entire Scarab collection of dice, and Scarab Royal Blue brings follows the blue trend for the #3 most popular dice of 2015.

When viewed closely, these dice are actually a mixture of blue and purple, but from a distance appear just a swirly blue.

Gemini Blue-Steel 7-set

#4: Gemini Blue Steel 7-Dice Set

The Gemini Blue Steel dice are another blue dice set making the top 10 list. These dice are particularly unique in that all set types sell extremely well: 12d6, 36d6 and even 10d10 sets outperform other colors of the same set type (which isn’t always true of the top 10 dice set winners).

Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set

#5: Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set

The Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set is a personal favorite and the first standard dice set to break out of the blue mold. Nice to see a different color in the top 10 list.

Elven Translucent Blue 7-Dice Set

#6: Elven Translucent Blue 7-Dice Set

The Elven style dice sporting runic designs are all very popular, and so it’s not surprise that the Elven Translucent Blue set makes the top 10 list — of course with blue being the most popular color of these dice.

Mini Gold 5mm 7-Dice Set

#7: Mini Gold 7-Dice Set

The tiny Mini Gold 7-Dice Set are just 5mm in size. While being just under a third the size of normal dice may not sound like much: you can fit this entire dice set on the head of a penny.

A perfect little treasure, these are probably the easiest dice to carry to a game. Heck, you could even put them in your wallet and never be caught unprepared.

Gemini Red-Black 7-dice set

#8: Gemini Red-Black 7-Set

Red may be the second most popular dice color, but it took us until #8 on the top ten list to get to a red dice set.The Gemini Red-Black 7-Set is also a personal favorite. These great-looking mix black and red together to create a darker, fiercer-looking dice set.

Gemini Black Purple 7-dice set

#9: Gemini Purple-Black 7-Set

Given the popularity of the Gemini Purple-Black Dice Set, we were surprised to see that purple was so low in the most popular colors. It appears that if a gamer has a hankering for purple dice, then this is the purple dice set of choice.

Forest 7-Dice Set

#10: Forest Dice

The Q-Workshop Forest Dice set is particularly attractive, absolutely covered in leaf and vine designs. Personally I prefer the green version, but these are undeniably cool-looking dice that will stand out at the gaming table.

Most Popular Dice Bags

As gamers we all love our dice, and we all need something to carry them around in. But just like dice, we gamers want something cool to carry our dice in. So in addition to highlighting the top 10 dice, this year we’re also going to take a look at the top 5 most popular dice bags.

Basic Black Dice Bag

#1: Basic Black Dice Bag

When you’re talking pure quantity of dice bags purchased, the Basic Black Dice Bag was the clear winner by a large margin. Made of cheap imitation velvet, these dice bags are an affordable way to carry your dice from home to the game.

Black Leather Dice Bag

#2: Black Leather Dice Bag

Our selection of leather dice bags actually outsold the basic dice bags as a category last year, and the Black Leather Dice Bag leads the pack complete with that rich new leather smell.

The leather dice bags are probably popular just because they’re so much cooler than the basic. But they also hold more dice, and are far more rugged, likely to outlast several generations of basic bags.

Elven Dice Bag

#3: Elven Dice Bag

This small off-white dice bag with Elvish runes surged onto the dice bag top five this year. Despite only holding a couple sets of dice, there is something very appealing about the Elven Dice Bag from Q-Workshop.

Red Celtic Dragon Leather Dice Bag

#4 Red Celtic Dragon Leather Dice Bag

We carry leather dice bags with a variety of foil-stamped designs, but the Red Celtic Dragon Leather Dice Bag takes home top prize for popularity. It’s the perfect combination of leather, dragons, runes, and the color of blood.

Skull & Crossbones Leather Dice Bag

#5: Skull & Crossbones Leather Dice Bag

Rounding out our top 5 list is the Skull & Crossbones Leather Dice Bag. With the classic skull & crossbones branded into the leather, this dice bag was a hit from the day we first got it in stock.

Multi-Purpose Geekery

A daybed, complete with an extra little trundle bed.

I’m a big fan of multi-purpose possessions whenever possible.

For example rather than buying a special-purpose meat tenderizer, I just grab a big heavy candle out of the Cthulhu prop box (and cover it with plastic of course). I hate guest rooms, because they sit empty most of the year, but you can’t do anything in them because there’s a bed taking up most of the room. But replace the bed with a daybed and now you have tons of space and a sitting area that can be easily converted into a bedroom on the few times a year that you need it for that purpose.

In fact, I think guest rooms in general make pretty decent gaming rooms — though of course not as nice as the dedicated basement gaming room. But that’s a topic for another post.

Dice, on the other hand, are inherently single purpose possessions. To be sure, you could use a d20 to make your day to day decisions: when to go to bed, what to have for dinner, whether to switch to a different die. But really the only purpose is playing RPGs, and I’m okay with that. They get a lot of use.

Dice Containers

But dice containers are a horse of a different color. I toss my dice in a dice bag to go to a game because it’s the most convenient way to transport them (and because they look cool). The problem is what to do with the rest of the dice, the mass of dice that every gamer accumulates as inevitably as years.

That’s why I’m so happy that we got our hands on a bunch of really cool dice boxes that we can now offer at Awesome Dice. The beauty of these boxes is that they look great sitting on the shelf, on a side table, a desk, or on the end table beside your daybed. They are a piece of decor in their own right, as well as a great way to store all those extra dice — particularly nice for dedicated gaming rooms or convertible gaming/guest rooms.

Already the most popular right out of the gate is the dragon’s eye dice box:

dragon eye dice box

My personal favorite (and my wife’s favorite) is the hefty (and costly) pewter dice box, complete with lock and key and capable of holding a lot of dice:

pewter dice box

Head over and check ’em all out, and consider adding some awesome dice boxes to your decor.

New Dice: Skull & Crossbones, Spider and Elder Sign

We just got several awesome new customized dice in stock. These are standard dice that have one of the faces replaced with a custom design.

Skull and Crossbones d6 diceSkull & Crossbones d6

The Skull & Crossbones d6 Dice are available in the Shadow Dice d6 with the skull and crossbones replacing the 1 face of the dice.

Perfect for pirates and any character with a penchant for death. These dice work great in Shadowrun and other games that roll exclusively d6s, and are great as custom fireball dice!

Spider d10 diceSpider d10

The Spider d10 Dice are available in the Gemini Black-Red Dice d10 with the spider design replacing the 10 face of the die.

These dice are great for any World of Darkness game: Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling or whatever your preferred WoD game. The gold spider design looks phenomenal on these dice.

You can also use the Spider d10 as one die in a percentile set for Cthulhu or Eclipse Phase games.

Elder Sign d10s

Elder Sign Cthulhu d10 DiceThe Elder Sign d10 dice are available in both the Gemini Black-Red Dice and Gemini Purple-Green Dice d10s with the Elder Sign replacing the 10 face of the dice. These dice are ideal for Call of Cthulhu games: we have them in two different colors so that they can be used as a percentile set, which handles the vast majority of rolls in a Cthulhu game.

While it hasn’t been scientifically tested, rumors are that the Elder Sign will protect your dice from low rolls as a result of Old One curses.

The Elder Sign dice are available singly and as a set of two.

Custom Dice Manufacturing

We get a surprising number of inquiries from people who want to have custom dice manufactured, either for a special event or a game they are designing, and a surprising number of magicians who want trick dice. Unfortunately we do not manufacture custom dice, but we can certainly point you in the right direction.

First, let’s stress the difference between custom dice, and customized dice.

  • Customized Dice are dice that have already been made that then have your custom design laser etched onto one or more faces. You are not doing custom colors/shapes, and the customized faces are not fully beveled, but instead the design is laser etched into the surface so it doesn’t sit as deeply as molded dice. You can get dice customized in small quantities, including just a few dice, for reasonable prices per die. The cost will, of course, be higher than the retail price of dice, and large quantities don’t get much of a price break. You are limited to the colors of stock dice that the manufacturer has available.
  • Custom Dice are dice using custom molds. With a custom mold the dice can include any kind of design, number of faces, fully beveled, and any get combination of dice color and inking color. This is the method required if you want a unique size or number of faces on the dice. There are substantial set-up costs and you must print very large quantities.

Custom Dice Manufacturers

In our experience, people who want to manufacture custom dice often have unrealistic expectations — that they will be able to print only a few hundred dice in a unique shape, and for a cost of less than the retail price of standard dice.

Customized dice can be made in quantities as small as just 10 dice, and the cost will be around a dollar per face being customized. You are limited to the color of dice and inking available.  You can get price breaks with larger quantities, but never down to only pennies per face, and the cost is never going to be like getting dice wholesale. You can get customized dice in a variety of styles from:

  • Chessex: They offer customized dice in a large variety of d6 colors and sizes, with customization on the 1 or 6 face; a more limited variety of d10s, with customization on the 10 face; or opaque white dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 & d20) with customization on all faces. Turnaround for small orders is a few weeks.
  • Q-Workshop: They offer customized dice in a large variety of colors and sizes for every type of die (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, & d20) including customization of all faces. Turnaround for small orders is a few weeks. As long as you want standard dice shapes, Q-Workshop customization will essentially let you get almost entirely custom dice without the huge cost of building your own molds.

For truly custom dice you will need to pay to create a custom mold, which will cost you thousands of dollars at a minimum. Your minimum quantity will be at the very least 1,500 of each die. Manufacturing will happen overseas, so you’ll also have to pay for shipping, which will likely be another several thousand. If you want to find a US plastic injection molding manufacturer to make your dice, figure you’ll have to pay ten times as much for your setup and significantly more per die.

That said, if custom dice sounds like what you’re looking for, you can go through PandaGM for your custom dice manufacturing. They have manufacturing sources in China. They have a very good reputation and the lowest minimum quantities of anyone I’ve ever worked with. Most game printing companies can source custom dice. Do not bother them if you don’t want thousands of each die.

1-Sided Dice Now on AwesomeDice.com

1-sided diceWe here at Awesome Dice HQ are thrilled to announce the launch of 1-sided dice. Yes, the fabled d1 is finally here!

Why do you need 1-sided dice?

Imagine this all too common scenario faced every day by D&D DMs around the world: your group is in a dungeon crawl. There’s a room with a pie in it, and the pie is guarded by an orc. If the characters open the door, one of these things happen:

1. The orc attacks

That’s it, there’s only the one option. So the characters do indeed open the door and the poor DM consults the chart. Unfortunately the smallest die type he has is a d4, so our DM has no choice but to roll the d4 over and over until he gets a 1 before he knows what the orc is going to do.

This is exactly the situation that 1-sided dice are designed to solve. Now the DM can grab the d1 and quickly roll just one time, see what the orc will do, and get on with the action of the game. In this way 1-sided dice make your game move faster and better.

Möbius Strip Dice

The 1-sided die is a möbius strip: an object with only one side. If you put your finger on any point of of the die and move it along the surface, you’ll eventually come back to the starting point and will have touched every part of the die (there is not any other side).

1-sided dice are about twice the size of standard gaming dice. Gamers can “roll” the d1 by spinning it like a coin. The numbering comes uninked, and if desired can be easily filled in with a fine-point permanent marker.

The 1-sided dice are available in plastic and as solid stainless steel metal. To be completely frank, the metal d1 is far superior: it has a nice solid heft, looks awesome, and spins delightfully. However, stainless steel is expensive, so we also have a plastic version. It’s the same size and dimensions but it’s very light, lighter even than standard dice despite being much larger.

At Last – Perfect Randomness

These 1-sided dice are the highest precision gaming dice available. The 1-sided dice are guaranteed to have zero deviation from perfect randomness. They are, in effect, statistically perfect. As we saw in our randomness test, even GameScience precision dice don’t roll to casino-level accuracy. But with the d1, you will get the mathematically predicted distribution every time.

Here’s some close-up shots of the 1-sided dice:

1-sided dice
Metal version of the 1-sided dice.
Plastic 1-sided dice
The plastic version of the 1-sided dice.

1-sided dice mobius strip

Most Popular Gaming Dice

It’s no secret that we gamers love dice — heck, we built a business around it. So we thought it would be fun to take a look at exactly what kinds of dice gamers like the most. With the tens of thousands of dice we sell each year, we figure there aren’t many businesses around that sell more dice than we do so we’re in a unique position to know what kinds of dice are most popular to gamers. And we love sharing data!

This data is all based on sales on Awesome Dice, and we’re counting number of purchases for each dice type. This data set is looking at all of 2012 sales — if there’s enough interest, we’ll continue posting this kind of information every year.

Most Popular Dice Set Types

Most popular dice set types

Starting at the top we’re looking purely at the kind of dice sets that gamers buy. It’s probably no surprise that 7-dice sets of classic D&D dice are the winner — these dice are used in countless RPGs from Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder to Earthdawn and Call of Cthulhu. What is a little surprising is that 12d6 dice sets weren’t as far behind as we’d have thought. This is largely because when wargamers buy 6-sided dice, they buy a lot of them. It’s not uncommon for us to get orders of ten or twenty 12d6 sets at once — almost always of plain opaque dice.

The 10d10 sets are a small fraction of dice sets sold, far diminished from the glory days of World of Darkness back in the late 90s. The odd dice are the sets of unusual-sided dice (d3, d5, etc) sold by GameScience.

Most Popular Dice Colors

Most popular dice colors chart

Here we’re taking a look at the most popular colors of dice out there. For purposes of this data, a die that is blue and red, for example, counts as both a blue and a red die. However, dice that are black and red would just count as red. Our logic here is that the black & red die is considered a red die — someone is buying it because it’s a cool-looking red die, not because of black. So the dice counted in the black column are dice that are predominantly black.

Blue is the clear winner for most popular dice color. From there red, green, black, and purple all steadily decline until the big drop-off. Glow in the dark dice sell surprisingly well, especially considering the difficulties we have in keeping the coolest glow in the dark 7-dice sets in stock. The Other column includes orange, yellow, gray, bronze, teal and other minor colors.

Most Popular Dice

Okay, enough of the charts of aggregate data — let’s take a look at what are flat out the most popular single sets of dice! For this we are excluding the cheap opaque dice. I think we can agree that there’s nothing particularly appealing to the opaque dice other than their price, but by numbers alone they would control half of the top 10 list, and that just isn’t terribly interesting.

It’s much more fun to look at the dice that gamers choose based on appearance, rather than price. Well, perhaps we should make an exception for number 1…

Pound o DIce

#1: Pound o’ Dice

The single most popular set of dice is actually the Pound o’ Dice — and it’s in first place by a pretty large margin as well. The Pound o’ Dice is a giant bag containing a random assortment of around 100 dice. These dice include a lot of factory seconds, but are also mixed in with high-quality dice from various Chessex dice sets.

Gamers cannot get enough of Pound o’ Dice. As owners of several of these ourselves, we can understand why. The Pound o’ Dice is a great and cheap way to stock up on a bunch of extra dice to replace the ones that are lost under furniture or provide dice to the people who forgot their own.

Mini gold dice set

#2 & 3: Mini Metal Dice 7-Sets

The second and third positions on the most popular dice list are the tiny 5mm mini metal dice. These dice sets come in both gold and silver colors (silver is #2, and gold is #3) and these dice are small enough that you can actually just about fit the entire set on the surface of a penny.

There’s just something about making something really, really small that appeals to people (remember the mini PHB & DMG?). In practice these mini dice make a very easy set of dice to carry with you anywhere.

Glow in the dark 12d6 dice set

#4: Glow in the Dark 12d6

Glow in the dark dice are just awesome. The 12d6 version earns its position in the top ten due to the combination of awesome glowiness and affordable price… and perhaps because we managed to get a particularly attractive photo of them glowing.

To be fair, the Glow in the Dark Elven Dice would very likely be in the top 10 if we could just keep them in stock. Every time we get more of these in from their manufacturer in Poland they blow out in a few weeks and it takes months to get more back in stock.

Elven translucent blue dice

#5: Elven Translucent Blue 7-Set

The Elven Translucent Blue dice are truly awesome. While the exact appearance varies from set to set, these dice feature cool designs inked in blue on a clear die. As a result, you can see the elven writing through dice dice, giving an elven feeling background to any given face of the dice.

These dice are works of art, and we totally get why they’re so popular.

Scarab Royal Blue dice set

#6: Scarab Royal Blue 7-Set

Here at Awesome Dice we’re big fans of the entire Scarab collection of dice, and Scarab Royal Blue brings in the top spot as the 6th most popular dice set. The Scarab dice in general do a really good job of mixing a solid color with black to give a darker, textured appearance.

It probably isn’t surprising that the Scarab Royal Blue is so popular since, as we’ve learned, blue is the most popular dice color of gaming dice.

Scarab Jade dice set

#7: Scarab Jade 7-Set

A personal favorite, the Scarab Jade 7-Dice Set is to green what the above set is to blue. Jade is the right word to describe these dice, making them perfect for everything from L5R characters (they come in 10d10 sets as well) to any wilderness characters. Or heck, any character at all — they’re just very cool-looking dice.

Gemini purple black dice set

#8: Gemini Purple-Black 7-Set

Given the popularity of the Gemini Purple-Black dice set, we were surprised to see that purple was so low in the most popular colors. It appears that if a gamer has a hankering for purple dice, then this is the purple dice set of choice.

Gemini Shell-Black dice set

#9: Gemini Black-Shell

A nice change from the typical bold and strong colors, the Gemini Black-Shell 7-set swiftly became a favorite a gamers. This is particularly impressive since we didn’t stock this dice color until halfway through the year! It will be interesting to see how it performs this year with a whole year to compete for the top 10 spot.

Scarab Blue Blood dice set

#10: Scarab Blue Blood 7-Set

Rounding out the top 10 list is yet another in the Scarab collection, the Scarab Blue Blood 7-set. To us, this is the true Scarab red die type, and it’s interesting that it’s the only red dice set in the top 10, considering all red dice combine to be the second most popular color.

Most Popular Dice Bags

Night Sky Dice BagWe’d like to be able to do a similar analysis of dice bags as we did with the dice, but we feel the data is pretty skewed on the dice bag front. We spent a good amount of time last year sourcing new cool dice bags, and as a result most of the dice bags were available for radically different periods of time — we didn’t even get our leather dice bags or chainmail dice bags on the site until early this year.

That said, the basic dice bags all took the top spots, including the metallic gold dice bag. The most popular non-basic dice bag was the Night Sky dice bag (pictured to the left).

If the emails we get are any indication, the Dragon Scale Dice Bags are the most desired bags, but their hefty price probably prevents them from making the top-selling list. Our new selection of leather dice bags have been incredibly popular, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised to see them topping the list in 2013.

What Do You Think?

What do you think should have made the list for coolest gamer dice but didn’t? Do you think there are other ways we should have looked at aggregate data? And most of all, is this kind of information the kind of thing you’d like to see us do more of at Awesome Dice? We’re always eager to dig into any kind of dice-related data that we can (such as our randomness test) but don’t know if most gamers get quite the enjoyment out of these statistics as we do.

New: Cthulhu Elder Sign Leather Dice Bags

Cthulhu Elder Sign leather dice bag.Just in at Awesome Dice — Cthulhu Elder Sign leather dice bags!

These are the same high quality genuine leather construction as the rest of our leather dice bags, but with a green foil stamped Elder Sign design on the bag, to keep your dice safe from the unfathomable machinations of Old Ones. With this dice bag, Great Cthulhu himself cannot steal your dice.

The Cthulhu dice bag is what we consider the perfect sized dice bag: about six inches tall by about 4.5 inches wide — capable of holding up to 50 dice, but still small enough to stuff into a jacket pocket. The dice bag comes with a leather draw cord, and that lovely new leather smell.

The Elder Sign Cthulhu leather dice bag is exclusive to Awesome Dice!

Chainmail & Leather Dice Bags

Here at Awesome Dice we spend a lot of time trying to find not just the coolest dice to sell, but also the coolest dice bags — and in our humble opinion we have one of the best dice bag selections out there. But there have been two obvious things missing from the beginning: chainmail dice bags, and good old fashioned leather dice bags.

Happily, we have recently found solutions to our problems with both of these types of dice bags and we’re happy to announce we have both stainless steel chainmail dice bags for sale as well as a big selection of leather dice bags. We’re very happy to have these holes in our dice bag selection filled.

Chainmail Dice Bags

Chainmail dice bags have long been a favorite of D&D gamers: there’s nothing like carrying your dice in a bag that could actually withstand a slashing attack. Finding a reliable supplier of quality chainmail dice bags has been a heck of a problem though. And when we did find them, they were often cheap things made out of aluminum, and not steel.

Chainmail Dice Bag

If you’re going to get a chainmail dice bag, you want a stainless steel one. If you don’t care what it’s made of, well, then you probably don’t care that it’s chainmail in the first place. Happily we eventually found a good supplier that makes the chainmail dice bags themselves, and they are very high quality construction. We’re thrilled with them.

Leather Dice Bags

Leather dice bagsThe problem with leather dice bags wasn’t so much finding a supplier (well — some places did try to pass faux leather off as real, but they were the exception and that was usually Chinese import places), but rather finding a supplier that could get us quantities at decent prices. You would be shocked at how many places want to sell leather dice bags for forty to fifty bucks a bag.

In a bit of serendipity, we finally found a great leather shop (based in the US too) with good quality and great prices at right about the same time we found the chainmail bags. We were so pleased with the quality that we actually brought in a dozen different leather dice bags. This includes a bunch of different colors of foil stampings — they have a cool dragon design that is hot stamped into the leather. We also got red and purple suede dice bags — also real leather — that look just phenomenal.

As always, if you guys think there is anything that Awesome Dice is missing from the site, please let us know. We’ll do our best to get it, or at the very least let you know why we don’t carry it. And we are always working to expand our selection.

Balthazar Opens a Pound o’ Dice

We asked Balthazar to open a Pound o’ Dice and give us his impressions of what he found inside. Balthazar got lucky with a particularly ugly 7-set and did not hold any punches.

Ultimately the Pound o’ Dice is a mix of awesome Chessex premium dice combined with less stellar dice, combined with strange frankenstein dice. What it gives you is a solid pound of dice, which usually averages to around 100 dice, though the exact count varies from pound to pound. Despite the mix of good and ugly — or perhaps because of it — the Pound o’ Dice remains a favorite of die hard gamers everywhere. It’s a great way to get a heck of a lot of dice for a very low price.

Dice Jewlery is Here

d4 dice necklaceSomething we’ve been trying to get our hand on for a while here at Awesome Dice finally arrived — sweet dice jewelry. Specifically in the form of awesome dice pendant necklaces.

The unique thing about this dice jewelry is that you can actually change out the dice in the pendant at any time — so you aren’t stuck with just one die forever. The pendants do come with a dark red die in them, but it can be replaced with any 16mm (standard dice size) die of the same type. The way the die mounting piece is shaped means that you can only use d4s in the d4 pendant, and d20s in the d20 pendant.

We have pendants in stock that will hold a d4, a d10, or a d20. With the d20 or d10 you are ready to game at a moment’s notice, depending on your game of choice. The d4 is probably the least useful from a practical gaming perspective (unless you’re being chased by a barefoot assailant) but in our opinions is one of the coolest looking pendants — the d4 actually looks like a shape that you might normally find.

But if you’re a Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder player you can have that d20 on hand, and if World of Darkness is more your flavor you can have a d10 at the ready. And if you’re really into jewelry, you can have them all!