Updated 9/30/2019

A few days ago, we received an update from Chessex regarding their much-anticipated release of their second series of Lab Dice. Here is the quote from their email:

There will be allocations for both the new Lab Dice 2 colors and the ones remaining from Lab Dice 1. Order quantities were greater than anticipated!

What this means

The Lab Dice releases work like this:

  1. They announce the dice to be released and distribute photos of the dice
  2. After a while they ask for their retailers and distributers to turn in their orders

When Chessex says the release is to be "allocated" they mean that just because you sent in an order for, say, 100 of the Nebula Oceanic Gold, it doesn't mean you will receive that many. The orders have to be allocated based on how much was ordered vs how much is available.

Nebula Oceanic is most likely to be allocated the most

This is based on the number of dice orders we have received. The demand for Nebula Oceanic has been greater than the other sets we have sold via preorder.

What this means to our customers

If you were one of the earlier customer to order, you will most likely receive your entire order. If you were a late ordered, you are the most likely to be impacted by this event. We will fulfill as many orders as we are able to. After that, we will issue refunds and partial refunds as orders go unfulfilled. We likely won't know how many orders we can fulfill until October 3rd and 4th, as we receive the Lab Dice and then subsequently package the orders for shipment.

Chessex plans to fulfill most, if not all orders eventually.

In speaking to a couple of Chessex representatives last week, I was informed that they are conducting a second run of the Lab Dice and that they plan to fulfill most, if not all, of the allocated orders but that it would take another month or so to do that. This means that while most of our customers will get their dice beginning this week, if you were one of the latter people to order, your estimated delivery could be pushed back a few weeks. Of course, you can always cancel your preorder for a full refund at any time.

We will have a complete understanding of whose order will be filled immediately and who might have to wait a few more weeks in the coming days. Once we know, we will communicate this to the affected customers.


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“We likely won’t know how many orders we can fulfill until September 4th and 5th”
Was this a typo? I assume it’s October 4th and 5th?


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