Today I have for you some cool dice photos from around the web. Dice awesomeness incoming:

Steampunk diceThese Steampunk Dice were printed on a 3D printer, one at a time, and then painted by hand. You can actually buy them from the creator here.

Hampster and dice

Crackers and cheese for your next gaming advice, with the cheese designed like a d6. I have no idea what kind of cheese that is, however. Source.

Without the d6 in the teeth, that lipstick would probably look really weird. With the d6 it’s just awesome. Source.

Sugar dice cubesSugar cubes that are dice! I’m not sure what was used to ink the dots — I’d assume some kind of food coloring, but then you’d think it would be absorbed in a larger area, rather than those nice precise dots. Source.

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