April 2014 Update: Lou Zocchi now once again controls GameScience. However, GameScience dice are still not being manufactured, and there is still no way to predict when they will be.

Jan 2014 Update: GameScience dice are still not being manufactured. There is no predicted date on when they might be able to start making them again; however, GameStation confirmed that they are no longer the GameScience manufacturers: “I can safely say that we will not offer Gamescience again.

We are currently unable to get our hands on any GameScience dice, and GameScience dice are not being manufactured at this time.

Our distributors have been out of stock of most GameScience dice for some time now (though they still have the occasional odd-sized “Zocchi Pack” set at hand (update: these are gone too) they have no 7-dice or other sets). In frustration we finally went direct to GameStation, the company that purchased GameScience some five years back. The response we got was:

Unfortunately, we are currently not shipping out to retailers or distributors at this time.  I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.  If you would like, I can email you when Gamescience Dice will be available to you again.

This was a strangely vague response. I replied asking for even the roughest ballpark timeline of when they would be back in stock, and got no response at all. Adding to the strangeness, GameStation had taken down their video of Lou Zocchi giving his GameScience spiel at GenCon.

So we did a bit more digging, reaching out to some contacts. We were able to confirm that in fact no GameScience dice are currently being manufactured at all (including the d100), and it’s unlikely that manufacturing will start up for at least a month or two until next year at the earliest. However, everyone one we spoke with was hopeful that manufacturing would start up again this year, but no one was willing to hazard a guess when, or whether the full color assortment would become available at once (there were some suggestions that manufacturing might start up one color at a time – but that is not at all certain, they could all come back at once).

While both manufacturers and distributors are out of stock, it is not possible for us to get anyGameScience dice of any kind, and it will likely be a long drought before they’re available again.

Thanks to Welbo to providing the updated GameStation quote.

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