Chessex has recently announced that their upcoming Lab Dice 3 release will be exclusively a release of limited edition Gemini dice sets. Gemini sets are Chessex's name for its line of dual-colored dice. Chessex's Gemini line are some of the most enduring lines of dice on the market and most of them have been in production for many numbers of years. 

Gemini Purple Steel Dice Set

Dual-colored dice might not sound like much on the surface, but the possibilities are almost endless. In fact, the Gemini Black Shell and Gemini Purple Teal dice sets are some of our most popular sets here at Awesome Dice.

We don't yet have an expected release date for the new Lab Dice 3 Series, but will be sure to add the news here on our blog and email our mailing list once the news of a release date drops. 

Are you a fan of Chessex's Lab Dice releases? Do you have any thoughts on what types of Lab Dice sets they should produce going forward? If so, drop us a comment below.

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