Hello! So I'm Gabe, cosplayer, game designer, and big player of tabletop games in general. You can find me playing Dungeons and Dragons, Tales from the Loop, Gurps, Vampire the Masquerade, and plenty of different other systems because you can tell fantastic stories with all kinds. I designed games with my group Mythic Grove and also make fantasy and cyberpunk supplements for people to use in their own home games.

One of the things I love most though about tabletop RPGs is magic. If a system has magic I'll want to use it at least once. That's why I picked the dice that I did. Just looking at them, their designs, the colorations, and everything, it makes me think of magic. There's so many different kinds of magic that can be related to the elements or to force or to reshaping time and space. I wanted to have partially a theme but open ended enough that even if they're similar, they're still different. I wanted this box to basically harness the different types of magic I like to use whenever I'm playing something with my dice.

You can find me on Twitter at @GabeJamesGames.

Keep Making Magic,


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LOVE the crown Gabe!

D the Sqee

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