We just got several awesome new customized dice in stock. These are standard dice that have one of the faces replaced with a custom design.

Skull & Crossbones d6

Skull & Crossbones d6

The Skull & Crossbones d6 Dice are available in the Shadow Dice d6 with the skull and crossbones replacing the 1 face of the dice.

Perfect for pirates and any character with a penchant for death. These dice work great in Shadowrun and other games that roll exclusively d6s, and are great as custom fireball dice!

Spider d10

Spider d10

The Spider d10 Dice are available in the Gemini Black-Red Dice d10 with the spider design replacing the 10 face of the die.

These dice are great for any World of Darkness game: Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling or whatever your preferred WoD game. The gold spider design looks phenomenal on these dice.

You can also use the Spider d10 as one die in a percentile set for Cthulhu or Eclipse Phase games.

Elder Sign d10

Elder Sign d10s

The Elder Sign d10 dice are available in both the Gemini Black-Red Dice and Gemini Purple-Green Dice d10s with the Elder Sign replacing the 10 face of the dice. These dice are ideal for Call of Cthulhu games: we have them in two different colors so that they can be used as a percentile set, which handles the vast majority of rolls in a Cthulhu game.

While it hasn’t been scientifically tested, rumors are that the Elder Sign will protect your dice from low rolls as a result of Old One curses.

The Elder Sign dice are available singly and as a set of two.

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