The Lab Dice 3 sets have officially been announced by Chessex. After speaking with someone at Chessex USA last earlier this week, I was told that the company was shooting for a release date in early 2020, which could be anywhere from late January through early March. 

Chessex's Lab Dice 3 sets contain a few interesting firsts for Chessex:

  1. This is the first all-Gemini lab dice release. Gemini is Chessex's name for its two color blend dice.
  2. Lab Dice 3 will feature the first translucent Gemini set: the Red-Yellow set.
  3. The release will feature the first Gemini sets to contain Chessex's proprietary Luminary glowing glitter. The Copper-Turquoise and Gel Green-Pink sets will both contain Luminary glow-in-the-dark glitter.

Without further ado, the new Lab Dice 3 sets are:

  1. Gemini Red-Yellow
  2. Gemini Red-White
  3. Gemini Orange-Purple
  4. Gemini Mint Green-White
  5. Gemini Gel Green-Pink
  6. Gemini Copper-Turquoise

Which Lab Dice 3 set are you most looking forward to?


Lab Dice 3 Red-Yellow set

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