Our previous "Freebie Friday" promotion was so successful, we've decided to make it a permanent part of our sales and promotion rotation! On random Fridays during the year, we will include a free dice set in any order over a certain amount.

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I play dnd weekly with a group of 5 guys. We are always finding new players to join us for short term that end up going on to join other games long term. Our group is one of the OG groups in the area and we have spawned several groups of players. As part of this, I constantly end up giving dice to new players and suggesting sites to buy dice through. I try to keep a “grab-bowl” on my counter that I keep the chessex Pound-o-dice stocked in. Our local game shops run out of dice pretty often or have limited stock so most of my players I suggest shopping at online sites like amazon. I recently discovered your site and just recently placed an order for my new black-purple-green Cthulhu set I am going to be imagining. I shared your coupon code I received with my fellow players and have been bragging up your site (especially the buy individual dice option which is AMAZING.). I would love extra dice sets to use in my DMing. I use different dice sets for different bad guys so I can roll groups at a time. And if a new player likes a set I can tell them where I got them so they can order some themselves. (I don’t usually give away sets just let people pick out of the random pound-o-dice). It would be really cool to be chosen as a recipient. Thanks for the opportunity and looking forward to using your site more often.

Joshua Parnell

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