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Quantum Green DND Dice Set


Our Quantum line is a partially hand-crafted line of dice. Additionally, it's slightly larger than your standard RPG dice set. In fact, the d20 is 21.94mm across.

This green DND dice set shifts to a reflective brown depending on the angle of the light. It is a beautiful set that is perfect for wood elves, humans, & druids and will make a wonderful addition to your dice collection.

Each die's numerals are hand-painted in white. The dice also feature a sparkling glitter effect as a result of the material used to craft each die.

This is a complete DND Dice set and comes with all the dice shown in the photo:

  • 1 d4
  • 1 d6
  • 1 d8
  • 1 d10
  • 1 d00
  • 1 d12
  • 1 d20