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"Bardic Inspiration" Cannabis-themed Dice Set


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Take your character to new heights with our exclusive cannabis-themed "Bardic Inspiration" RPG dice set. Only available at Awesome Dice, these resin dice encase smokey vapor and are inked in green.

Legend has it that a single roll of a “Bardic Inspiration” d20 hits like a pound of bubonic chronic and can be enough to wipe out a whole host of baddies. Additionally, showing up with a set of dope “Bardic Inspiration” dice are sure to make you the most popular party-member of your group.

Customer Reviews

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Loyed Blackburn

I passed them around our DnD/ CP2020 group. Much approval. To me they look like old bongwater up close; however, to my gaming friends it was most excellent.

Decent dice, great gift

I got one set as a gift and one for myself. Both sets have minor paint issues, but they've rolled well, so far. Still a 5 because I didn't buy these expecting a precision paint job.


I reviewed the pictures before purchase and thought it would be a little different in person I guess. They seem cloudy. Maybe put the pot leaf inside? The rest of the die have no cannabis theme at all other than the numbers are green? Idk. I'm not mad cause you gave me what you showed me but I was disappointed when I saw them.

Keith Dean

"Bardic Inspiration" Cannabis-themed Dice Set

Louis Lucci
Bardicly Inspired

Beautiful quality dice!!