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Sparkling Llama Dice Set


I see your resin dice with its glitter and metallic foil inclusions and raise you: 1 pack of Llama dice!¬†ūü§Į

Any dice set can foil the machinations of a DM with a nat 20. But only with Llama Dice¬†can you roll a nat 20 and have the smug mug of a Llama staring your DM in the face! Seriously, this Llama is a stone-cold killer.¬†‚ė†ÔłŹ

Dare to be different with our RPG Sparkling Llama Dice Set.

Each set consists of the following:

  • 1 spectacularly sparkling d4
  • 1¬†fabulously sparkling d6 with smug Llama mug
  • 1 gloriously sparkling d8 with smug Llama mug
  • 1¬†brilliantly sparkling d10 with smug Llama mug
  • 1¬†gorgeously sparkling d% with smug Llama mug
  • 1 superbly sparkling d12 with smug Llama mug
  • 1 awesomely sparkling d20 with the smug mug of a stone-cold killer Llama

Like the Llama, but not the color scheme? Check out our Bright Llama dice set. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great dice -- lots of sparkle!

I ordered the pink and blue llama dice. I've only used them a few times, but I love them so far! The sparkle is great and the little llama footprints are a great touch! Thinking about ordering another set for a friend!

Kayla Lozy

My sister loved them!

Drake McGuire

The dice look amazing and roll even better I’ve tricked a few villains with some nat 20’s. Dope dice

Carl Kelle

Wonderful!! Fast shop time!!

Adrian Ortiz
Beautiful llama dice

I'm obsessed with llamas and D&D!!
When I saw these I had to have them!
I'm obsessed with finding unique dice and I absolutely fell in love with these llama dice. They are very shiny and sparkle. I use them when I play a druid in games.