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Chessex Dice

By leaps and bounds Chessex is the largest dice manufacturer in the RPG gaming industry. If you go to any game store or look through any RPG gamers dice collection, the vast majority of their dice will be Chessex dice. Chessex manufacturers all manner of polyhedral RPG dice, from your basic opaque dice to translucent and speckled to their premium dice styles. The most popular Chessex dice are certainly their signature dice (premium dice) including the gemini and scarab dice series.

Chessex dice are all very high quality RPG dice, and all of the Chessex dice styles are available in various dice sets. In addition, Chessex now makes the Game Science precision dice, only they have advanced the dice manufactuing technology so that these sharp-edged precison dice can now be manufactured with printed numbers (before Chessex came along, the numbers were just inset in the dice, and weren't colored, due to manufacturing reasons).

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Black Dice Bag


Black dice bag, approximately 4 x 6 inches -- basically your standard-sized dice bag. This dice bag can easily hold...
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Opaque White 12d6 Set


Set of 12d6 basic opaque white dice. These six-sided dice have black pips for numbering (not numbers) and the white...
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Set of 12d6 basic opaque red dice. These six-sided dice have white pips for numbering (not numbers). This red dice...
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