Chessex Lab Dice Sets - Buy Them Here

Chessex Lab Dice

In early 2019, Chessex announced that they would begin releasing what they termed their "Lab Dice" series. Lab Dice are limited-run dice sets produced by Chessex and released in groups. Some of the dice sets have become very sought-after, pushing the prices of certain sets up on the secondary market higher than their original sales price.

Series 1 Lab Dice

The first wave of Lab Dice, released in June 2019, consisted of the following sets: Festive Allusion, Festive Autumn, Festive Dahlia, Festive Flare, Lustrous Pink, & Nebula Nocturnal. Of the sets released in series 1, Nebula Nocturnal proved the most popular.

Series 2 Lab Dice

Series 2 proved even more popular, with several sets being oversold on the primary market. This second series of Lab Dice consisted of Nebula Red, Nebula Oceanic, Nebula Spring, Lustrous, Amethyst, Leaf Fuschia, Vortex Snow Blue, Vortex Snow Pink, and Nebula Wisteria. 

Series 3 Lab Dice

The upcoming Series 3 will be an all-Gemini collection. Gemini is Chessex's trademarked name for its two-color blend dice sets. It should be another popular release!

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