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Pink Ghostly Glow 12d6 Dice Set


Stardard 12d6 set of Pink Ghostly Glow in the Dark dice that appear a swirled pink in the light, and glow a soft ghostly blue color in darkness. See additional image for how these dice look in the light. This 12d6 set has silver pips for numbering, rather than written numbers. It appears that these dice are made from a translucent pink plastic with glow in the dark plastic mixed in, making for a textured glow that is more bluish than the standard glow in the dark green. However, these dice do not glow as brightly as other glow in the dark dice, and with the silver numbering they are pretty difficult to read in complete darkness unless they have been "charged" with a very strong light (which they have been in these photos).

As with all glow in the dark stuff, these dice are "charged up" by sitting in bright light. When the lights go out the dice will glow very brightly at first, and the glow will fade slowly over time.

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