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The Dice of Horus RPG Dice Set


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It's official! Our Kickstarter dice are now available! 

The Eye of Horus represents restoration, healing, and sacrifice. This set features a semi-translucent, reddish-orange resin to represent the burning sands of the desert. This Awesome Dice exclusive set features sharp edges and metallic inclusions.

This standard 7-dice set come with a d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12, and d20.

The Eye of Horus hieroglyph replaces the '20' on the d20. If you only want the d20 of this set, you can buy it here.

Customer Reviews

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Dylan C.
Absolutely stunning!

I bought this set of the 3 Egyptian-themed dice sets first, and I was blown away. They arrived in perfect condition, with not a single drop of paint out of place. Very happy with the purchase.

Amazing Dice

I don't think I've jumped on and backed a kickstarter as fast as I did the one for these dice, they just arrived yesterday and will now me taking the primary dice spot during my D&D sessions