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Cirrus Edge - Sharp Edged Dice Set


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The Cirrus Edge Dice Set features blue resin and wispy, cloud-like swirls. Also, the edges of each die are much sharper than a standard RGP dice set. If you like awesome looking dice and clean, sharp lines, then you will love this set.

This set is perfect for any character versed in wind, water, or ice-based magic. It may also be a great fit for noble warriors and paladins.

This is a standard 7-dice set and comes with one of each of the following:

  • d4
  • d6
  • d8
  • d10
  • d%
  • d12
  • d20

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dice Lord
Not Impressed, Poor Numbering, Cheap Plastic

I was really excited for this set, but I feel disappointed by the actual dice. My main critique is the poor quality painting on the numbering and a lack of sharpness to the numbers, making them look sloppy and hard to read. The resin is also very dull plasticy looking and doesn't offer much depth of color or translucent shine. The nice striations in the picture are nowhere to be found on the actual dice, so they don't have that cool icy magic look at all, more just like some half melted cheap dull plastic. They are also too light. My players don't use these much anymore because of these issues. Unfortunately, this set is a bust for me, but your mileage may vary.

Lauren Reem

Cirrus Edge - Sharp Edged Dice Set

Josiah Graham

Cirrus Edge - Sharp Edged Dice Set

Sean Brennan

Beautiful dice! Can’t wait to buy more from Awesome Dice

Paul Maendel

Cirrus Edge - Sharp Edged Dice Set