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Dice by Color

Dice by Color

Colored Dice

Awesome Dice is the place to buy your colored dice online. With approximately eleventy billion color mixtures, we're pretty confident that you're going to find the dice that you want. Let me tell you, rainbows got nothing on dice when it comes to color selection. We're all gamers here, and we all know how much we gamers love our dice and happily the dice manufacturers are there pumping out colored dice in a dizzying array and combination of colors. To help you find exactly the dice you're looking for, you can refine your search in the left menu by die color, what kind of dice set you're looking for, individual single dice, or even by game type.

Note that dice that contain a mix of colors, as most premium dice do, will show up as both colors. So a dice set that is red and black swirled together with gold numbering will show up under both red and black. Speckled dice are categorized under only their primary, opaque color, and not the color of the dots. Dice that have metallic colors are often just a metallic-colored plastic, and not actual metal dice. Whether or not a dice is actually made of metal will be explicitly mentioned in the description.

As always, when you buy colored dice from Awesome Dice, every one is certified awesome!