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Gemstone Dice

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Adventurine Stone Dice Set
Full-sized dice set made out of genuine Adventurine stone, with gold numbers.
Amethyst Stone Dice Set
Dice set carved from genuine amethyst stone.
Red Jasper Stone Dice Set
Full-sized dice set made out of genuine Red Jasper stone, with black numbers.
Sodalite Stone Dice Set
RPG dice set carved from blue & white sodalite stone.
Tiger's Eye Stone Dice Set
RPG dice set made from genuine tiger's eye stone.
Mixed Stone Dice Set
A 7-dice set of mixed stone dice, including amethyst, adventurine, bloodstone, jasper, sodalite, tiger eye, and opalite dice.
Opalite Dice Set
Full-sized dice set made from flawless Opalite stone.
Bloodstone Dice Set
Full-sized 7-dice set of genuine Bloodstone stone, with gold numbering.
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Our collection of gemstone dice sets are made from natural semi precious stone. These stone polyhedral dice sets are hand crafted. The combination of natural stone and handcrafting ensures that each set is completely unique. Different stone will have different shades, and different varieties of coloration and veining in them.

Our stone D&D dice are all standard-sized dice sets -- in the neighborhood of 16mm. No tiny dice here! However, because they are hand carved, each die will be a slightly different size and they can varry by a couple of millimeters.

Gemstone dice sets make perfect gamer gifts; something unique and precious for favorite characters. With the variety of semi precious stone, there is a set perfect for any character: strong veined sodalite for dwarven characters is a perfect D&D dice set; bloodstone fits warriors, barbarians, and rogues alike; amethyst is perfect for magic users and anyone with a particular fondness for the stone. If if you can't pick just one, we offer a mixed stone set with 7 different hand carved stone dice.