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Adventurine Stone Dice Set


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The full-sized Adventurine stone dice set is hand-carved from genuine adventurine stone, which is a light green somewhat translucent stone that occasionally has some lighter-colored veining. Numbers are inked in gold. Adventurine stone dice are the perfect dice set for adventurers, and they also make great gifts.

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Natural Stone & Hand-Carved Disclaimer: these dice are made from natural stone, and there will be considerable variation in coloring and pattern of the stone. No two sets are alike and they will not be exactly as pictured. The dice are hand-carved, which means there will be imperfections from die to die, which can include dice being slightly different sizes (d10s tend to be smaller), numbers not being perfectly centered on a face, or faces not being perfectly symmetrical (common on d12s).

Customer Reviews

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Great gift!

They were well received and appreciated!

Great dice, great customer service!

You guys were great! Thanks!!!

Great dice, roll with care

These dice are a joy to use, with a couple caveats.

1. Because of the design, the numbers are small and difficult to read. I painted my numbers to make them stand out.

2. There's a long-running joke that d4s are "caltrops" - in this case, this is very true. If you step on one of these, especially the d4, you're going to be in *PAIN*. Do *NOT* squeeze your hand tight when holding these dice, and using a dice-rolling cup is recommended. As mentioned in the description, they can snag on cheap fabric, so a leather dice bag is recommended. Lastly, because they are metal with spikes, be careful rolling them on some surfaces. A soft wood table will get gouges from this. As will soft plastic roll-up grid fields. Even some of the harder plastic 'puzzle-type' grid fields and glass can be scratched by these if you're not careful.

That said, they are wonderful to use, and you will absolutely be the baddest motherf-SHUT YO MOUTH!-at the table when you roll these.

Stunning colors + fast shipping

These dice are stunning in person. Love the natural variation in color, I can't wait to use them. My order shipped and arrived very quickly. So nice to have a positive online shopping experience. I will absolutely purchase from these guys again in the future.