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Arcade 7-Dice Set


Does your childhood predate the Internet? Do you vividly recall when we were all going to die because the ozone layer was being depleted? Do you have first-hand experience repeatedly rewinding and fast-forwarding your cassette tape to find the beginning of your favorite song? Or are you simply a fan of the late 70's, 80's, or early 90's? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this dice set is for you!

The Arcade 7-Dice Set is made for the people who realize the kids of today don't know how real the struggle was in the time of your youth! While today's kids worry about capturing that perfect selfie, your youth was spent worrying if you were safely outside the blast radius of a potential Soviet nuclear attack!

This dice set perfectly captures the nostalgia of the rudimentary, quarter-driven electronic entertainment devices of an ancient past. Each die is blue with golden-yellow numbers and designs on each face. Enjoy rolling them and reminiscing about the days gone by, the struggles you faced, and your uncanny ability to face down nuclear armageddon and build a better world!

These are roughly standard size dice: size guide. 

Customer Reviews

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Lucas Martinez

Arcade 7-Dice Set

Scott Sachs

Arcade 7-Dice Set

Ryan Bacic
So distinctive, so cool

I got everyone in my party a set of dice for the holidays. But these ones ... I had to save for myself.

Mary Rader
Christmas gift for grandaughter.

The Arcade dice set had intriguing standout colors. Since the item was a gift, it won’t be opened for some time.

Alana Scherer
Love them!

The dice are gorgeous and easy to read. Would totally recommend!