Metal Thorn 7-Dice Set


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The metal Thorn Dice set is one of the coolest dice sets we've ever seen -- they are so awesome they should be considered a vorpal weapon. This 7-dice set was created by Ceramic Wombat and is 3D printed from bronze infused steel, which gives the metal the warmer tint. The Thorn dice are a bit larger in size than a regular dice set and the individual dice vary a bit in size: check out the Additional Images tab for a size comparison as well as close-up shots of each individual die in the set.

Because the Thorn dice are made of metal, they are much heavier than normal dice and can make a significant clatter when they roll (not that it's a bad thing to let people know when you're about to bust open some skulls with an impending crit). The small metal "thorn" protrusions can get snagged on fabric, especially the cheap velour of some dice bags, and we recommend a leather dice bag, (or chainmail) for these dice.

Ultimately the Thorn dice are the most awesome looking set of dice we've seen in years. Bust these out at your next game and everyone at the table is going to want to get a close look.