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Box of Unknown Fortune


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Perfect for longtime players and new players alike! Our Box of Unknown Fortune contains an awesome mix of dice and D&D accessories. From some of our most awesome RPG dice sets, to mini-figures, dice bags, metal dice, individual gemstone dice, and more.

´╗┐Check back often as our blind box offerings are refreshed with different items from time to time.´╗┐┬á

Current Box Options

Box A

  • 1 mystery mini-figure
  • 2 matching mystery┬ápolymer dice sets

Box B

  • 1 mystery mini-figure
  • 1 matching mystery polymer dice set

Is this a subscription?

No, this is a one-time purchase only. For our subscription box, see here.

Is this just a box of items that aren't selling well?

No, some of our more popular dice sets and accessories are in these boxes. Sometimes, we do order special items in our monthly boxes and end up not needing them all. Those items can find their way into our blind boxes.

Am I getting a discount on the items in the box?

If you knew what was in each blind box, and ordered those items separately, you would end up paying slightly more than you would if you had purchased the blind box. So yes, you are getting a slight discount.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kevin OReilly

Box of Unknown Fortune

Great Selection

I like the box it had awesome sets of dice and 2 minis. Although I thought there would be different each box so I bought 3. Still happy with it though I'm slowly making an army from the packages.

Definitely would buy again!

Great Purchase!

Happy with what I got, would buy again