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Classic Runic White-Red 7-Dice Set


A set of master-crafted Classic Runic Dice available in white with red numbering. The numbers have a rough-hewn look to them as if they have been chiseled into each face of the die. Bold and easy to read, this set is sure to be a hit at your table. 

These are standard size dice: size guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrew Duford
Classic Runic White-Red 7-Dice Set

These dice are awesome! Highly recommend them for any gamer!

Sean Stephenson
Nice dice.

Good colors. Feels good to roll. Wish the numbers were inset.

Leather Dice bag is very nice.

Jeffrey Babbidge
Very nice

Good weight, good size, and very easy to read. Highly recommend to anyone

Jeremy Shields
Revised review. Was not able to edit previous review.

My order was delivered to the wrong mailbox, no fault of awesome dice. The mail carrier just made an error. My neighbor delivered them to me today, and I’m very pleased with the quality. Thank you to Awesome dice for reaching out to me to make sure I received my order. Will definitely purchase more from them!

Reed Miller
Neat dice!

Being new to buying dice, this set jumped out to me. I haven’t seen any other white dice with red numbers. They’re my go-to dice for my cleric. I’d give 5 stars if the numbers were etched but they’re just painted on. Still great dice