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Black & Silver w/ Red Dragonscale Dice Bag - Large


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This product has been retired. Please checkout out our current lineup of leather dice bags and fabric dice bags.

This dice bag is hand knitted with black thread and special black, silver and red anodized aluminum scales are knitted into the bag, giving the appearance of dragon scales. The scales are only on the outside (and not on the bottom) and the soft interior ensures that your dice won't get scratched or marred. A plastic disc sits on the bottom interior of the dice bag to hold its shape (removable if you choose) and a leather drawstring completes this ridiculously awesome black and silver with red dice bag.

This is a nice and large dice bag capable of holding up to 100 standard 16mm dice, or truly vast quantities of 12mm dice. This bag looks so ridiculously badass that every gamer at the table will be insanely jealous of you. This jealousy will extend to the GM, and the mere sight of this awesome black & silver w/ red dragonscale dice bag has been known to cause GM's hearts to falter, interfering with their dice-rolling mojo and giving you a competitive edge at the gaming table.

* No dragons were harmed in the creation of this dice bag. Real dragonscales are much larger than these.

Dice sold separately.