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Blue Dragonscale Dice Bag - Small


This product is unavailable

This product has been retired. Please checkout out our current lineup of leather dice bags and fabric dice bags.

This is a small blue dragonscale dice bag -- nearly all the awesomeness of the big dragonscale bags in a much smaller and more affordable package. These small ones can easily hold a couple sets of dice, enough for just about any game as long as you don't also have to supply the rest of the slacker gamers who didn't bring dice of their own. These bags are hand knitted with blue thread and anodized aluminum scales are knitted in with the dice bag to give the appearance of dragon scales.

The small blue dragonscale dice bag is easy to transport and looks so flippin' awesome that your fellow gamers will be jealous and beg to know where you got it. At that point we hope your selfless nature will move you to direct them to Awesome Dice so we can sell even more of them.

Dice sold separately.