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Closeout: Nebula Spring w/ Luminary 7 Dice Set


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This Nebula set by Chessex is multicolored, containing hues of both greens and oranges, and is ready to liven up the table at your next game. Not only does this set look great during the day, but in the dark, it glows since it is infused with Chessex's proprietary "Luminary" glowing particles.

This set was originally part of Chessex's second Lab Dice release. It is being re-released with a slight change color mix change. As a Lab Dice set, it consisted of greens and yellows where as now it is more greens and oranges.

This product will be coming back in February 2021! It was originally part of Chessex's Lab Dice Collection. It is now being re-released as a permanent part of Chessex's Nebula Collection. Its original SKU number was 30018 and has now been changed to 27555.