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Obsidian Stone 7-Dice Set


The full-sized Obsidian stone dice set is carved from genuine obsidian stone, which is a deep solid black, and then inked with gold numbers. Obsidian dice are perfect for characters whose hearts and souls are as black as these dice, or who possess deep, bottomless black eyes. These are not dice for sparkly vampires; they are for the other kind.

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Natural Stone & Hand-Carved Disclaimer: these dice are made from natural obsidian stone, and there will be considerable variation in coloring and pattern of the stone. No two sets are alike and they will not be exactly as pictured. The dice are hand-carved, which means there will be imperfections from die to die, which can include dice being slightly different sizes (d10s tend to be smaller, and occasionally a die will be a bit larger than 16mm), numbers not being perfectly centered on a face, or faces not being perfectly symmetrical (common on d12s).

These dice are roughly size 6 - 4: size guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jason Ramirez
Definitely Awesome dice!

Good weight and quality. Finely cut. The box they came in was also great quality.

Great dice

Dice look as photographed, just know that you can't throw these around and drop them they can get damaged. I had an issue with my dice having a scratch (d20). CS was really great and sent me a new one post haste. Thank you Brandon.

Courtnie Smith

Obsidian Stone 7-Dice Set

Maria Maggi
I would like to give a review but

It’s been 14 days and I still do not have the dice. Hopefully they come in soon!

Hi Maria, I'm so sorry your dice haven't arrived yet. The USPS is facing an overwhelming backlog because of the record holiday shopping this year. We've noticed a slight, but noticeable, improvement recently. Hopefully, your order will arrive very soon!

My favourite dice EVER!

These dice feel amazing. They are very minimal in design and the font is nice and clear. not too heavy and not too light, just right.