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Quartz Crystal Dice Set


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The full-sized Quartz Crystal dice set is carved from genuine rock quartz crystal and inked with gold ink. The crystal ranges from perfectly clear and glass-like to heavily veined, and most dice have some amount of veining or fracturing within the dice that gives them their unique quartz appearance.

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Natural Stone & Hand-Carved Disclaimer: these dice are made from natural stone, and there will be considerable variation in coloring and pattern of the stone. No two sets are alike and they will not be exactly as pictured. The dice are hand-carved, which means there will be imperfections from die to die, which can include dice being slightly different sizes (d10s tend to be smaller), numbers not being perfectly centered on a face, or faces not being perfectly symmetrical (particularly on d12s).

Customer Reviews

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Great quality

Got the dice set as a gift. Wasn’t disappointed! The quartz quality is great, and the numbers are readable and in a font that speaks to the sci-fi genre. Perfect for my gift recipient!

Autumn Ross
Snazzy dice set!

After looking through several sets of quartz dice, I had narrowed it down to this set and one on Etsy. The other one took upwards of a month to ship and I decided to take my chances on this one, and I wasn’t let down! These dice are gorgeous and fit the futuristic font that fits my recent fascination with cyberpunk. The gold is beautiful and shipping took relatively soon.

Nicholas Snyders

Quartz Crystal Dice Set

Sydney Allison

They work great I've already killed two people in my D&D party with them.

Francisco P.
Like looking into a hidden world

I'm very happy with the quartz dice, the gold color and futuristic font are very readable against the milky/transluscent quartz itself. Stylish and classy. The gold paint looks fantastic, with slight grooves from the inner quartz making no two dials the same. The carving and polishing was expertly done, there were no rough or sharp edges, and holding them feels like holding polished tempered glass. The "thunk" and clatter they make when hitting the mat is very satisfying; it even makes the table vibrate a bit.

The dice do vary in opacity like all quartz does: from nearly opaque to almost translucent, so your set will likely vary a bit. However they're all quite beautiful in unique ways, with inner rainbow facets and clear/opaque veins. When they land, it really does look like a completely different die each time. If you have an LED pen or laser pointer, it's an absolute treat to shine a light through them and see them glow.