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Green Forest 7-Dice Set


These black dice are detailed with green leaf patterns. Even the numbering is meant to be part of the design. The design on the Forest dice is very intricate and detailed, and covers the entire surface of each die, making them a favorite here at Awesome HQ. Perfect for druids, rangers, or any nature-loving character. 

These are standard size dice: size guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Just amazing, exactly as pictured

Sean Kirk
Pretty and hard to read

Hard to read the numbers on some dice. Good quality and pretty but should have thought about clarity more when looking at what dice to buy.

Lewis Lee
Great dice

Love them. Make a very nice sound when rolled

Jay Betbeze
Nice dice

I really like the look of the dice. They are nice and easy to read. Havent had a chance to roll them yet as covid has once again shut down face to face gaming for my PFS and SFS groups. looking forward to their use soon.

Karen Sampson
It went over as a gift, very well!

This was a gift for my new step-grandson, whom I've yet to meet. My son, his step-Dad, suggested this gift and I have been told that it was very much appreciated - loved it!