Unique Runic D2 & D4 Dice

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Step away from the standard platonic solid polygons for something truly different. This set of 2 dice includes a uniquely shaped black 2-sided die, and a white 4-sided die. This is a d4 that actually rolls, and doesn't act like a weapon when left on the floor to be stepped on.

Both of these dice have the same curved cube shape, giving four total sides on each die. The d2 version includes the number 1 twice and the number 2 twice.

Customer Reviews

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Walter W.
What an unusual and unique set of dice

These dice are very high quality, and if you are not a fan of the pyramid d4s, you may like these. Be forewarned, they roll kinda weird at first. The d2 is obscure, and it seems like a useless die at first, but you get used to remembering that it's a very good coin flip alternative. They are a great conversation piece as well. Solid get even if the price feels a little steep for two dice.

David Morton

Coolest. Dice. Ever.
Best. Shipping. Speed. Ever.

Absolutely outstanding in every aspect beginning to end. Absolutely impressed!
Thank you Awesome Dice!!

Caroline Hershey

Excellent dice! Has the feel of wood, very light, roll nicely. They feel evenly weighted. I like the unique design. The d2 is a novelty but it’s nice to not deal with flipping a coin or saying odd this or even that

Phil Godsey
Quirky and cute

These made for a fun gift! Clever and unique.

Exactly what I wanted

The title says it all. They were exactly what I wanted, they arrived on time, the quality was definite, the uniqueness is perfect.