Call of Cthulhu Glow in the Dark Dice


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This gorgeously crafted and insanely awesome set of Call of Cthulhu dice look like black dice with a white Cthulhu-themed design, but turn out the lights and they become black dice with glowing green numbers and design. Perfect for atmospheric Cthulhu campaigns played by candlelight, this dice set features an Elder Sign in place of the highest number on each die, except the d4 which is numbered as usual.

These dice are all that you'll need to play any Call of Cthulhu game. You'll use only the percentile dice included for most rolls, but will occasionally need the other dice for calculating damage and the dreaded sanity loss.

Like all glow in the dark products, the Cthulhu glow in the dark dice need to charge up in bright light before use, and the glow effect wears off over time until charged again under bright light.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth D’Antoni
Nice but not very visible

These dice look nice with the lights on, but with the lights off they are barely noticeable, the glow is very dim.

Colin DeCoste

A bit hard to read sometimes but overall very cool dice.

Kameron Bonnett

Truly beautiful. I love how they glow and i love the design of the numbering. Thanks a lot!