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Ruby in Zoisite Gemstone Dice Set - Old Design

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This gemstone is composed of small ruby crystals that have become embedded in green zoisite and pargasite and is sometimes referred to as anyolite or Tanganyika artstone. It was first discovered in the Mundarara Mine in Tanzania in 1954 and is highly sought after for its contrasting colors.

This set of Ruby in Zoisite gemstone dice feature our now-retired numbers and d4 format, which has the "old-school" layout of the numbers being at the bases of the die instead of at the points.

Our Ruby in Zoisite Gemstone 7-Dice Set is crafted by hand and is finished off with a golden ink.

Gemstone Dice Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with your gemstone dice set, you may exchange it for a different set or return it for a 100% refund, including any shipping fees.

Natural Stone & Hand-Carved Disclaimerthese dice are made from natural stone, and there will be considerable variation in coloring and pattern of the stone. No two sets are alike and they will not be exactly as pictured. The dice are hand-carved, which means there will be imperfections from die to die, which can include dice being slightly different sizes, numbers not being perfectly centered on a face, or faces not being perfectly symmetrical (common on d12s).