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Shattered Blue Star Dice Set

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Clear resin dice, inked in gold, with blue and silver foil inclusions make up the Shattered Blue Star RPG Dice Set. Perfect for Paladins, cool Clerics, and feisty Fighters, Shattered Star delivers knockout rolls and looks great doing it!

A standard-sized RPG set, each set consists of one of each of the following:

  • 1 d4
  • 1 d6
  • 1 d8
  • 1 d10
  • 1 d%
  • 1 d12
  • 1 d20


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Emma Durning
Awesome Sparkly Dice

These are a lovely set of dice, they glitter when they roll and seem to be really well balanced. They were a hit at my table!

Shari Slater
Amazing dice

These dice not only look awesome- they also have a wonderful balanced roll. They have honestly become one of my favorite sets. Thanks for providing such a fantastic product!

Evan W

Love the dice will definitely shop here again

Cathy Putnal
great product

My son seems very happy with the purchase I made from here for him. I don't know that much about D&D dice sets but was very thrilled.

Jason Riddle
Not bad

Not bad, I do like them but average looking I guees