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WoD Dice

WoD Dice

World of Darkness uses any 10d10 dice sets.

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World of Darkness screamed onto the gaming scene in the early and mid 90s with their signature game, Vapire: the Masquerade. Since then White Wolf grew their World of Darkness series of settings into one of the largest RPG lines in the industry. From the beginning World of Darkness dice focused only on ten-sided dice, and the success of the game moved dice manufacturers to start offering World of Darkness dice sets. These 10d10 dice sets covered the needs of any World of Darkness game, from Vampire to Werewolf to Changling to Aberrant.

It's probably worth noting that while your typical World of Darkness dice set of 10d10 is going to cover the vast majority of situations, in high-powered games, or games with players that are skilled min-maxers, you may find yourself wishing that more than ten d10s came in the World of Darkness dice sets. While you can always reroll dice to get larger numbers, nothing's more satisfying that grabbing a fistful of twenty dice as you prepare to roll your attack.

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