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10d10 Dice Sets

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Vampire Ankh 10d10 Dice Set
Vampire Ankh 10d10 dice set made for the Vampire RPG.
$6.50 Out Of Stock
Borealis Pink 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10 Borealis pink ten-sided dice. 10d10 dice.
Festive Carousel 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10 Festive Carousel ten-sided dice. 10d10 WoD dice set.
Gemini Black-Pink 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10 Gemini black-pink ten-sided WoD dice.
Gemini Black-Purple 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10d10 Gemini black-purple ten-sided WoD dice.
Gemini Black-Shell 10d10
Set of 10d10 Gemini Black-Shell ten-sided dice.
Gemini Blue-Steel 10d10
Set of 10 Gemini Blue-Steel ten-sided dice.
Gemini Copper-Steel 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10 Gemini Copper-Steel 10-sided dice.
Gemini Purple-Steel 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10d10 Gemini purple-steel ten-sided dice.
Gemini Red-Black 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10d10 Gemini black-red ten-sided L5R dice.
Gemini Red-Purple 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10 Gemini red-purple ten-sided dice with gold numbers. Standard 16mm dice set.
Leaf Black Gold 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10d10 Leaf Black ten-sided WoD dice.
Lustrous Gold 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10d10 Lustrous Gold ten-sided RPG dice.
Lustrous Shadow 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10d10 Lustrous Shadow ten-sided WoD dice.
Nebula Blue 10d10 Dice Set
Set of 10 Nebula blue ten-sided dice. 10d10 RPG dice set.
10d10 Dice Sets

10 d10 Dice Sets - Ten-Sided Dice

As any gamer can tell you, a 10d10 dice set includes 10 ten-sided dice. All of the ten-sided dice are numbered 0-9, and do not include the percentile ten-sided dice. These 10d10 dice sets became big in the 90s with the introduction of White Wolf's World of Darkness series, including Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changling, Wraith, and Aberrant. All of the World of Darkness games used a large dice pool of ten-sided dice. As the games grew in popularity dice manufacturers started producing sets of just 10-sided dice, and these 10 d10 sets continue to be popular today.

These dice sets are appropriate for just about any World of Darkness or L5R game. You'll rarely need more than ten dice when playing these games; however, for particularly high powered games or in the presence of superior min-maxing, you can occasionally run into situations in which you'll need to roll more than ten dice at once. In these situations most gamers just swipe a couple dice from their neighbor or, in a pinch, reroll a couple dice to reach the necessary number. Of course the hardcore gamer solution -- and the one that we we and every dice manufacturer support -- is to get a couple 10d10 sets so that you always have as many dice as you need no matter how amazingly powerful you become.

Then you can be the guy that everyone else is swiping dice from.