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For some games, you just need a lot of dice. Thus, enter the 36d6 dice set! The huge number of d6 dice present in the 36d6 dice set is often the answer to games like Champions and Shadowrun, as well as many other war games and miniature games. Like a set of 12d6 dice, the dice within a 36d6 dice set uses pips rather than written numbers. Unlike the 12d6 dice set, however, 36d6 dice are 12mm rather than the traditional 16mm. Though a difference of 4mm doesn't sound like a huge change, it makes a substantial difference in something that is already so small. These dice truly appear quite a bit smaller than the standard die. Nevertheless, they are no more difficult to read and their smaller size means you can fit more of them in your dice tray. Perfect for the satisfaction of rolling a devastatingly large amount of dice all at once!