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About the Most Awesome Dice Company on the Internet


Hello everybody, it's nice to meet you! We're Awesome Dice! 


Kelle and Jaimie

Owners and Operators 



A mother-daughter duo. Both had been completely unprepared for what an actual D&D session would look like and fell in love the very moment they had the opportunity to witness their first. They took over Awesome Dice in January of 2022 and have since experienced much joy in providing dice to TTRPG fans, both longtime and new alike. Though Kelle prefers to observe, Jaimie is currently involved in a homebrewed Waterdeep Dragon Heist campaign both run and played by nearly the entire Awesome Dice staff. For more information, see below: 

  • The "e" at the end of Kelle's name is pronounced; the extra "i" in Jaimie's is not. +1 convolution. 
  • Jaimie once got so invested in a book series she managed to forget to eat... for 3 days. 


The Adventurers



This lot is responsible for a wide variety of tasksselecting what dice to bring to the table, photography, I.T. support and security, checking for cringe, being the grand magistrate of all things sarcasmso it's impossible to narrow their roles down to one, specific thing. Lots of talent in this group from music to art to computer science! This team consists of: 



  • Is the blonde one in the black hat 
  • Played baseball while actively recovering from an accidental leg wound inflicted by a chainsaw. 
  • Used to catch snakes by using his own hands as bait and legitimately tamed a wild bass. Has never played a druid or a ranger. 



  • Is the only dude not wearing a hat. 
  • Maxed out his charisma score at age 5: conned kindergarten lunch staff out of chocolate milk for several months. 
  • Somehow ended up with a tradition in which his friends call him "inhumanly stupid" each year on his birthday. 



  • Is there, but behind the camera.
  • Ran a half-marathon on accident. 
  • Once confidently announced, and I quote, "I'm seeing with my eyes." He was driving. 


Rica and the Wizard

Fulfillment and Resident Freeloader Magic Savant



The Wizard was here when we got here. It's difficult to get him to work and impossible to get him to leave. So, on day one, he supplied us with Rica, our Unseen Servant. The Wizard is constantly experimenting with high-level magic, unusual components, and upcasting, always in strange ways and in strange combinations. Whatever he did to conjure Rica was no different. As a result, Rica is unusually strong, unusually intelligent, and unusually permanent for an Unseen Servant. He chose his own job. It's hard to tell, since he's invisible and all, but he seems content. 

  • Rica once received an email addressed specifically to him. The resulting conversation absolutely made everyone's day.


We're tempted to say "all joking aside," but not one of these bulleted facts are false. So you know we mean it when we say "we're glad you're here!" Whether it's our dice, our blog, or some combination of both, we hope you'll find something to enjoy :)