Dice Boxes

While dice bags are ideal for transporting your dice, they don't make the most attractive storage for your dice outside of the game. Dice boxes are the perfect solution for stylish dice storage. At Awesome Dice we've sought out some of the coolest D&D dice boxes, from small wood boxes that will carry just a few set to much larger dice boxes that can hold your entire collection, and figurines to boot.

Whether you're drawn to medieval or dragon themes for a D&D dice box, skulls for Cthulhu, pirates for 7th Sea, or even steampunk and Egyptian themes, we've got a dice box that will look great in your home. From a simple wooden dice box to elaborate pewter to treasure chests, we've got them all.

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Pewter Dice Box


This Pewter Dice Box is a phenomenal high quality way of storing your dice in style! The box features bas...
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This Egyptian-themed dice box features the Egyptian goddess Bastet perched atop this black and gold dice box. The box is...
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