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Resources and Collaborations


One Shot Questers

One Shot Questers is a YouTube and TikTok channel by Duke Davis, who uses sketch comedy to showcase Tabletop RPGsparticularly that of Dungeons & Dragonsin all their glory. The channel additionally contains TTRPG horror stories, beginner-friendly instructional videos, D&D live streams, and more! Awesome Dice has been working with Duke for a while now and it's truly been a blast. We're now the official distributor of all official One Shot Questers dice and we couldn't be more excited. Click here to check it out.


Describe Your Kill

Although the team here at Awesome Dice primarily consists of D&D players, that doesn't mean D&D is the only TTRPG that's deserving of attention! Describe Your Kill: The Death of Destiny is an actual-play podcast of Pathfinder 2e's Stolen Fate adventure path and one of our favorite actual-play pocasts to date! Join cast and crew on a riotously fun and intriguing adventure to restore a magical and mysterious Harrow deck.