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Werewolf uses any 10 d10 dice set.

Awesome Dice online is your source to buy Werewolf dice. Werewolf is part of the World of Darkness set of role-playing games and uses only ten-sided dice (d10). Typically gamers will want at least 10 ten-sided dice for a Werewolf game, which is why we sell 10 d10 dice sets.

Any 10d10 dice set will work just fine for your Werewolf dice. From there, choose the dice color or color mix that suits your character the best. So Fianna might prefer vibrant green dice, while a Red Talon might prefer dice made of human babies. The green dice we carry. Red Talons are out of luck.

Awesome Dice is huge fans of Werewolf, but we should mention that in our eyes there is only Werewolf: the Apocalypse. That whole Werewolf: the Forsaken thing was just a terrible, terrible nightmare and it never really happened. If you want Werewolf dice, we're just going to assume you want them for the real Werewolf. The Werewolf where you play Garou, as it was meant to be.